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10 Jun 2019
It is well established and understood by self builders, architects and developers that well designed and attractive garage doors add to the overall feel and value of a property.

10 Jun 2019
The relationship between handmade bricks and mortar is very similar to that of the referee in a football match. Mortar, like a referee, is absolutely essential to a successful outcome – but the less you notice it, the better. The bricks, like the footballers, are the stars. This is a…

Clay roof tiles remain as popular as ever, adding a beautiful finishing touch to the roof of any home. Roof Stores’ clay roof tile guide will tell you everything you need to know about clay tiles. From durability and weight, through to cost, read on for a comprehensive insight into…

12 May 2019
When London-based architecture studio, Loud. Architecture & Interior Design, was approached to transform a run-down property in Stoke Newington, its Founder Kate Clare jumped at the chance to not only bring the property’s construction and design into the 21st Century, but to also pay homage to Hackney’s industrial history.

Loxone has put together a list of 10 top tips to accommodate smart home technology into your self-build project.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, picking windows for your self-build project or plan to have a rooflight installed, it can be difficult deciding whether to choose double or triple glazing. Each carries their own benefits, so it’s more down to personal preference, as opposed to a right or…

When decorating your self-build bathroom, picking the right scheme to create a calm and relaxing environment might feel like a difficult task.

28 Mar 2019
Perhaps one result of aircrete’s popularity as an above-ground masonry material has been a lack of awareness of its suitability for use below DPC level. In the British construction industry, using aircrete as a foundation material is viewed as unconventional. The reality is that aircrete provides a simplified and cost-effective…

28 Mar 2019
Steve Elliott’s aim was to convert a dilapidated 16th century apple storage barn and some outbuildings from agricultural use to a residential haven for his family.

Here is a step-by-step self-builder’s timeline for building an oak-framed house so you know what to expect throughout the journey.

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