28 Mar 2019
Perhaps one result of aircrete’s popularity as an above-ground masonry material has been a lack of awareness of its suitability for use below DPC level. In the British construction industry, using aircrete as a foundation material is viewed as unconventional. The reality is that aircrete provides a simplified and cost-effective…

28 Mar 2019
Steve Elliott’s aim was to convert a dilapidated 16th century apple storage barn and some outbuildings from agricultural use to a residential haven for his family.

Here is a step-by-step self-builder’s timeline for building an oak-framed house so you know what to expect throughout the journey.

A leaky, broken or damaged roof can be a costly and timely expense to UK homeowners. A simple routine check of your roof could save you a lot of money in the long run. In a recent survey by roofing expert, Roof Stores, results show that the British public really…

News that the UK is aiming to ban gas grid connections to new-build homes from 2025 serves as a clear indication that the development of sustainable eco homes of the future should, in fact be the homes of today. Here, Stephanie Gregory, Marketing Manager at the Kensa Group explains more.

Many people dream of increasing the size of their property, but do you need planning permission to extend? Here Gareth Boyd, Director at 2020 Architects, explains everything you need to consider.

Burglaries are reported to increase during the winter months, leaving many UK homes vulnerable to opportunistic thieves at this time of year.

Fixed air conditioners have become common in many homes in the UK. They keep you comfortable throughout the day and can significantly aid sleeping at night through hot spells. The energy savings are thought so important that the Government has now introduced a scheme where it charges 5% VAT instead…

No matter where you are installing a floor, the colour is an important consideration. The wrong choice can create disastrous results making the room look unsightly.

04 Feb 2019
Your garage door probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind when designing your self-build but it can make a significant difference to the end result. There’s an abundance to choose from – here, i-build has chosen a few favourites.

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