Probably one of the most profitable ways of improving and adding value and space to your home is to build a conservatory or garden room.

In the midst of Brexit, Britons are opting to stay put and improve rather than move, so it’s important to understand that there are plenty of options for refurbishing homes.

David and Tanith Ridgway, along with their daughters, 10-year-old Molly and five-year-old Erin, live in this beautiful family home, complete with a Glatthaar Fertigkeller basement.

Of the myriad of considerations when building or refurbishing a countryside home – one that should not be overlooked at the initial design stage is security.

18 Nov 2019
Aside from creating a luxurious finish in the home, underfloor heating has many practical advantages too, yet installation is not always plain sailing. John Gittens, Maincor’s Business Development Director, looks at the benefits of underfloor heating and the solutions available for fitting.

The Environment Agency (EA) introduced new rules regarding the discharge of treated sewage by systems installed and in use on or after 1st January 2015. If you have a septic tank, you need to identify whether it discharges to a river or stream (surface water discharge) or whether it discharges…

This five-bedroom Victorian terraced house featuring the original scullery extension at the rear and an unusual central staircase was purchased in a poor and rundown state. Conveniently located on the favoured Heaver Estate in Balham, the new owners, Julia and James Simpson, embarked on a complete renovation; with tailored storage…

28 Oct 2019
With Anya, Robin and their four boys fast outgrowing their house in North London, in order to stay in the area that was ideal for both school and work they decided to explore the option of demolishing it and building a new home on the same plot so didn’t have…

The Government recently introduced changes to make self-builds more accessible. The plan is to increase new-build homes by 35%. With more people realising the benefits of self-build homes in affordability and customisation, Chris Pendrey, SHEQ Manager at Actavo Direct, offers a guide to construction safety for home-builders.

Many self-builders set out to build as sustainably as possible. When it comes to paint, one company specialises in sustainable specification but goes beyond that to deliver excellent performance and aesthetics.

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