With such an abundant variety of timbers, colours, textures and styles available on the market, choosing the right wood for your project can be a challenging task. Help is at hand with Peter Keane, Director of wood flooring manufacturer The Natural Wood Floor Company and his guide to wood flooring.

Condensation in the home is not just a nuisance; it can lead to significant structural problems, costly redecoration and can even affect the health of the occupants if left to develop into mould.

Glass balustrades are great for offering safety alongside unobstructed views. Effi Wolff, MD of balcony specialist Balcony Systems, explores some interesting options for all types of properties.

While modern, urban living has restricted the space available for development, there are options that can help transform a design and property of any size to incorporate natural light.

As with any paint product, preparation is key, especially when painting with gloss. Here, Judy Smith, Crown Paints’ Colour Consultant, provides a step-by-step guide to using gloss properly.

We have used biomass energy for thousands of years, ever since people started burning wood to cook food or keep warm. Today, wood is still our largest biomass energy resource that provides carbon-neutral heating.

Trends in landscaping products, which not only relate to changing preferences for different styles and materials but the creation of innovative solutions, is the basis of an exciting industry sector. Richard Oates, Landscaping Category Manager at Travis Perkins, discusses emerging trends and top innovations.

For those who choose to improve their existing home rather than move, a conservatory or orangery can provide the perfect space-enhancing solution. Carol Parry, Marketing Manager at oak frame specialist Aboreta, provides top tips for creating an addition to a home that will not only add value but stand the…

With the heat of British Summer Time on the horizon, the UK Wet Leisure Trade Associations SPATA and BISHTA offer advice for adding some healthy water fun to your self-build or renovation project.

Innovative thinking offers a new solution to managing water consumption and improving water efficiency for self-builders. Stephen Bates, CEO of water recycling expert Reaqua Systems, explains the technology behind greywater reuse systems.