Acoustic and thermal insulation products are widely available from suppliers both big and small, but what should buyers look for when choosing a solution? Cellecta’s Ben Banks offers some tips on specifying the most suitable product for your project.

Connected technology in the home is becoming increasingly popular and, to some, a necessity. Many electrical devices can now reach the internet and be operated and monitored via a smart device. As we add more and more smart products into our homes, we inevitably need an app for each one.…

When undertaking a self-build one of the most important aspects to consider are the foundations. Here, Swedish engineering company, Advanced Foundation Technology (AFT), discusses the use of a newly-launched foundation material to the UK, Groundshield.

A self-build project will be the biggest challenge you undertake, so it’s worth adding some hard core machinery and budgeting accordingly. Here, manufacturer of power tools, Makita, offers its top tips when it comes to sourcing tools for your self-build.

With so many beautiful fixtures and fittings to choose from, deciding how to heat your home isn’t the most exciting part of a self-build project! But getting the heating and hot water system right could help you save a lot of money – especially if you’re building off the mains…

Choosing the right fenestration for your property is an important, long-term decision and there is a lot to consider. Here Gary Hutton, General Manager at Black Millwork, explains what self-builders need to know to make good specification choices that are truly future proof.

The Bennetts from London had selected Cambridgeshire as the location for their dream home and acquired the perfect plot of land on which to build. Their search for new-home inspiration led them to WeberHaus and its turnkey wood frame house construction.

About a quarter of all kitchens designed by ‘Kitchen Retailer of the Year’ Kitchens International now are large open-plan indoor/outdoor kitchens. The Great British Bake Off and numerous TV cooking programmes have not just inspired us to take up home cooking, but also to redesign our kitchens.

If you’re one of the many self-builders who wish they had planned for just a bit more space, or are currently finalising your plans, sanctuary could be much closer to your new home than you realise. Find and create it at the bottom of your garden. Here, Garden Hideouts offers…

With flooding becoming more frequent, homeowners in high risk areas have more to lose when the downpours are at their worst. Andrew Gill, Marketing Manager at Brett Landscaping, suggests that incorporating sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS) into driveway and garden paving installations could help.