04 Sep 2017

IQ Glass has helped the homeowners of Water End House to open up to its stunning vistas

Natural daylighting within bespoke homes is a common request from many self-builders. The inclusion of large expanses of glazing brings many beneficial elements for self-builders and home renovators; from reduced energy bills and enhanced wellbeing to opening up to stunning surrounding views.


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For the majority of self-builders, land for development is often found in open countryside complete with visually pleasing vistas, and maintaining these views comes as a top priority for many self-builders. This is where the specification of large, monolithic segments of glazing come into play for many self-builders and home renovators.

This was the case for the owners of Water End House, a modern, three-storey home in the historic town of Berkhampsted, Hertfordshire. Surrounded by stunning panoramas, Water End House is sited at the heart of Hertfordshire’s impressive countryside, and sustaining these views was top of the list for the home’s owners.

Natural light

The homeowners sought to create a visually stunning, contemporary home that is naturally lit throughout the day whilst providing uninterrupted views of the picturesque surroundings. With these requirements in mind, glazing specialist, IQ Glass, was commissioned to install architectural glazing elements that suited the homeowners’ needs. Two sets of minimal window sliding doors were installed with fixed glazing on either side to create frameless-effect glass walls.

Elsewhere, floor-to-ceiling frameless-effect structural glass was installed on all three levels of the home to create a stunning contemporary design throughout the build. This floor-to-ceiling glazing solution runs down each side of Water End House’s double-height atrium – which links to the living areas and bedrooms within the home.

Jake Randall, Commercial Director at IQ Glass, commented on the all-glass trend: “More and more clients are wanting to create fully-glazed walls to allow natural light ingress into the home with little to no obstruction to views. Structural glass units combined with our ‘minimal windows’ system is the best way to do this as there are very little sightlines shown on the glazing.”

Complementary all-glass solutions

An aluminium casement window and two casement doors were also installed. The aluminium doors work as main access to the property and the casement window provides ventilation to the master bedroom.

Fixed frameless rooflights and an aluminium framed automated opening rooflight were also installed to provide natural light into the space without obstructing any light or sky views. Walk-on glass floorlights were installed to provide natural light into the lower ground floor. These were manufactured with a sandblasted finish for privacy and to prevent any injuries.

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