24 Nov 2016

Hints and tips for looking after your roof windows


As a nation, we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors and as a result, the quality of air in our homes and the health of our indoor climate is becoming increasingly important.


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Maximising levels of daylight and the flow of fresh air is key to a healthy and happy home; installing roof windows is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Roof windows considerably increase levels of daylight in the home, providing up to twice as much daylight as a facade's windows. They are a great source of heat in the winter months and are incredibly energy efficient to ensure little heat escapes. In order to ensure you continue to benefit from your roof windows, it is important to look after them.

Grant Sneddon, Product Manager at VELUX, gave us his top tips for ensuring your roof windows are kept in the best condition.

Keep them clean

Don’t forget to keep your roof windows clean and pay them as much attention as you would your normal windows. Whatever window cleaning products you are using, be sure not to apply too much product to the glass. Immediately remove the product with a damp cloth to avoid streaks and buff for a sparkling finish.


If your roof windows are in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, condensation can form on the inner pane of the window. While the VELUX white polyurethane finish is perfect for humid rooms, as it is completely moisture resistant, it’s important not to let condensation build up as you can run the risk of developing a problem with damp.

Condensation can be minimised by installing a radiator directly under the window, or by simply airing the room regularly, especially after running hot water or cooking.

Protecting your roof windows

When maintaining your roof windows, think about the outside as well as the inside – especially during the winter months. Leaves and debris can build up in the drainage channels around the window so once a year, try to clear this out as best you can to avoid debris building up and blocking the passage of water. In the event of heavy snow or thick ice, try to remove this as soon as possible from the roof window, again, to prevent drainage channels becoming blocked.

Updating your roof windows

When embarking on a renovation project or building a new extension, it’s important to update furniture and incorporate new designs to make sure the look and feel of a property is in tone with the rest of the space.

Updating your roof windows should also play a part in this. Following demand for a brighter and more modern living space, VELUX has introduced white painted roof windows as standard, a perfect match to a contemporary interior.

General up-keep

For all the tools and kit needed for general up-keep, invest in a surface repair kit. You can use this to sand down any scratches with the correct grain size and finish with a lick of top coat to keep the frame looking shiny and new and keep hinges and locks lubricated at least once a year using a specially formulated grease.

Getting the most out of your roof windows and ensuring they last requires proper maintenance and care. From replacing air filters, repairing a scratch or updating your window with a coat of paint, it’s best to seek advice on the best products and how to use them.

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