28 Oct 2016

Revealing the paint trends and colour palettes for 2017


In September, Colour Futures 2017 was launched revealing the trends and colour palettes that will be prevalent over the next year. These trends translate into a cohesive colour collection available at Dulux decorating centres, merchants and online.


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The extensive workshop for 2017 resulted in the forecasting of one overarching global theme, four global trends, 45 trend colours and one ‘Colour of the Year’. The defining colour of 2017 is ‘Denim Drift’, a timeless and versatile grey-blue, and the must-have colour for interiors. Denim Drift perfectly captures the mood of the moment; it is versatile, creative, relaxing and playful with a familiar yet new feel about it.

The overriding theme, ‘Life in a New Light’, reflects the trend to simplify life with pared back living, instead of relying on the digital world for experiences. Louise Tod, who is responsible for delivering Colour Futures’ trends, says: “As the world changes, people are taking a fresh look at the everyday elements of life. We are incredibly excited that ‘Life in a New Light’ is the driving influence for 2017 and is seen in colour trends for the year.”

The four trends are: ‘New Romanticism’, ‘Shared Individualism’, ‘The Working Home’ and ‘Considered Luxury’ and together they represent the influential factors that portray ‘Life in a New Light’. Each trend can be readily achieved by professional decorators using a variety of paint techniques.

‘New Romanticism’ reflects people’s desire to connect to nature, bringing the natural world into decorative elements within the home. The palette includes lush greens and smoky violets to create a natural living space.

‘Shared Individualism’ is a concept that particularly lends itself to decorating schemes that must take account of shared living. Individual personalities are expressed within a communal space. The colours featured create a fresh, contemporary look, which is perfect for a shared space, such as a living room, kitchen or office.

‘The Working Home’ reflects the increasing blurring of boundaries between one’s work and personal life in the home. Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director, says: “Work spaces can be defined by painted blocks and circles of contrasting colour with both zones for activity and focal points of interest. Horizontal bands of colour instil an element of tranquillity which allows the user to think more clearly as well as relax and connect the working home interior together.”

The ‘Considered Luxury’ trend presents the new way of living, with time and money spent on an experience rather than multiple items cluttering a home. Paler, luxurious hues are combined with tactile fabrics to provide a more affluent feel. In addition, the use of paint techniques, such as lace application, stimulate the senses and lend themselves extremely well to high-specification interiors.

For self-builders who want to develop their colour knowledge further, the Dulux Academy, based in Slough, provides colour-specific courses where new skills can be learnt or current skills built upon.

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