12 Oct 2020

A Majestic Mansion


The Wards from East London had selected existing family land in Havering as the location for their dream home. Their in-depth research into construction techniques led them to pre-fabricated homes specialist, WeberHaus.


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Sam and Nicky Ward were fortunate enough to obtain some land from a family inheritance which triggered their journey towards building their dream home, but they had no idea where to start. An evening of watching Grand Designs first introduced the idea of prefabricated homes, and Sam was keen to get involved and learn all about the physics and engineering behind the construction. He commented: “I wanted the most stress-free process possible when it came to building my family home.”

Having considered many prefab companies, the Wards initially found themselves drawn to Swedish companies. Still, one visit to WeberHaus’ World of Living in Germany convinced them that leading German, self-build homes provider WeberHaus was the company for them. Sam went on: “We flew down and spent a day with Stefan Weisshuhn, Head of WeberHaus UK. The experience, friendliness and quality of work were incredible. The WeberHaus team really do make your dreams a reality and are very transparent when it comes to costs.”

The build

Sam and Nicky were extremely impressed with the range of show homes at WeberHaus HQ in Germany. “We were absolutely blown away by the quality of work and the way the whole operation was run. The level of support that the WeberHaus team provided throughout the process was so appealing. Stefan made the whole process easy as he was so supportive and with us every step of the way.”

After meeting with WeberHaus’ UK-based Architect, Nick Blunt, they knew exactly what they wanted and what was realistic at their site on their budget. Sam said: “The team went above and beyond to make us happy and accommodate our needs. We wanted large and unique features, so WeberHaus was the best match to make our bespoke house.” The house arrived on lorries and was watertight within three days.

Sam and Nicky went for a fully project managed approach, which was the best option for the one-stop solution they wanted. “The whole process has been so exciting. We truly commend the WeberHaus team from start to finish. They have been there to help out, offer advice and be a friendly face through some tough times. This was the biggest investment of our lives, and we needed people around us that we could trust and know that they wouldn’t cut corners. We lived next door to the site and started at 8am every morning. I was so excited to wake up every morning and get stuck into the project! Each day had its own obstacle, and I’ve made so many friends along the way.”

The house

Sam continued: “I didn’t want a conventional house. I wanted a large, high-end home with unique features to make it ours. This is why we chose WeberHaus; we could truly make a bespoke home with special features to reflect our individuality.” In the porch, Sam and Nicky have some beautiful pillars for a touch of grandeur before entering the house. Once inside, you are greeted by an unconventional but magnificent staircase which is the focus of this superb 2200ft2 two-storey home.

“We wanted the downstairs to open up into one huge space, so Nick Blunt came up with an amazing idea whereby the doors for the living room and hallway would slide into the wall. This was much better than including bi-folding doors as you get more space with the doors disappearing into the walls.”

Sam and Nicky are also very environmentally-conscious and have incorporated a number of ecological features into their home, such as an electric car charger. The house is self-sustaining, and the couple selected wall insulation and a ventilation system that bring the house very close to Passivhaus status. They still want to invest in photovoltaics and plan to do this at a later date. One of the house’s most amazing features, and Sam’s favourite spot, is a hidden viewing platform.

“Nick and I worked closely to perfect this, and it’s my pride and joy. When you are in the master bedroom, you can exit onto this hidden platform and enjoy the breath-taking views our house overlooks; open fields and a stunning lake. Any onlooker wouldn’t be able to see this platform, so it acts as our own little private sanctuary.”

The house has also been thoughtfully future-proofed with the inclusion of an elevator for seamless movement between floors regardless of age or physical disability. For now, it comes in very handy for moving large or heavy items upstairs and, looking to the future, Nicky and Sam will be able to enjoy their dream home for a long time to come.

Happily ever after

Sam and Nicky set out to build their own home, manage the project themselves and build on existing land within a designated budget, as well as adding some exciting and impressive features to make the house their home. Sam is extremely happy with the whole journey from start to finish. He said: “Everyone at WeberHaus is super-talented and fantastic! We are so happy to be in our forever home and have got everything that we wanted within our budget. This home perfectly fits our lifestyle and encompasses everything that we dreamed of and more. WeberHaus makes sure that its customers are happy and the team goes above and beyond; even if it isn’t their responsibility, they will help you out. WeberHaus’ integrity won us over, and we absolutely have nothing to fault.”

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