11 Aug 2020

Thinking About a Garage or Outbuilding? Here Are 6 Essential Tips to Consider


Garages and outbuildings are a fine addition to any property, adding both curb appeal and value to any home. Garages have transformed over the years with more and more people choosing to convert or renovate their garage to give a more practical and aesthetic appeal to their property.


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According to Impulse Research Survey, 80% of buyers now factor in a garage when making their decision and over 50% of homeowners claim that they are looking to reorganise and/or declutter their garage within two years. With this in mind, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of garages and outbuildings before you purchase yours. You may want to factor in the following:

•  Planning permission
•  What you are going to use the garage for (it may act as a workshop, tool shed, gym etc.)
•  The size of the garage
•  The materials used
•  Your budget
•  Who to contact.

Let’s address these key factors to ensure your outbuilding or garage can be constructed without any problems.

1. Planning permission

Arguably at the top of everyone’s list, planning permission is essential to understand before you even consider purchasing a garage or outbuilding. Planning permission can be very confusing, whether you’re building a garage, extension or outbuilding. There are some basic rules to adhere to when considering a garage or outbuilding, and they are:

•  Your garage or outbuilding is not more than half the area of land that surrounds your original home
•  Your outbuilding/garage is not taller than the roof of your property and is not forward of the principal or side elevation onto a highway
•  It’s not higher than 4m

However, there are often exceptions when it comes to planning permission, so please contact your local planning authority for more information before building begins.

2. It’s intended use

Before planning and purchasing your garage or outbuilding, decide why you’re buying it and what it will be used for. Most people who purchase garages now enjoy a hybrid-based design, for example, it might double up as a workshop, tool shed or even a small gym. For outbuildings, your design options become more flexible; you could design a gym, study area, workshop, creative studio or even a duo living space (this may require planning permission).

3. Size

Size is an obvious factor to address, not just for planning permission but for practicality. Speaking with a certified building professional regarding the dimensions of your property is essential to allow room for your plans. It’s strongly advised that if you’re undertaking this outbuilding as a DIY project, you first have the dimensions measured and confirmed by a professional.

4. The material used

The material you use for your outbuilding or garage is not simply a matter of aesthetics, but also build quality, sustainability and durability. Most modern outbuildings and garages are made from timber due to their fantastic insulation properties, affordability and general aesthetics. Oak, in particular, allows for a versatile and durable design and requires little to no maintenance; ideal for buyers who are looking for a natural, long-lasting finish without the hassle of constant maintenance.

5. Your budget

Of course budget factors into all renovation projects and it’s important to set aside a pot and plan your project around this budget. Most standard garage and outbuilding projects cost between £12,000 to upwards of £30,000 depending on a variety of factors, including:

•  Labour
•  Materials used
•  Size
•  Interior design

The scale of your garage or outbuilding really depends on what you’re going to use it for. There are plenty of affordable garage solutions that you can take advantage of, especially if this is your first project. Speak to a professional, tell them your budget and proposed plans, and they will be able to provide a realistic solution.

6. And finally, who you build with

Doing your research and determining what your ideal end product would look like, and the cost is an essential part of the planning process. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for and want advice from a professional, there are a number of reputable garage and outbuilding companies across the UK.

Speak to trusted professionals with plenty of experience in designing and erecting garages and outbuildings will make the construction process easier and may even save you some money.


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