27 Nov 2019

The benefits of liquid waterproofing for church renovations

Victoria Ramwell from cold-applied liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, explains the challenges surrounding ecclesiastical building roof renovation, and offers best practice advice.

Any roof refurbishment can present its challenges, yet these can often be exacerbated when water ingress and consequently damp issues are present when refurbishing ecclesiastical buildings into domestic homes.

Savvy specification

The correct specification of waterproofing is vital to ensure the safeguarding of these buildings, which can quite often be listed or heritage properties. Many old church buildings experience leaks because of the failure of existing roof materials.

A liquid waterproofing system is often a preferred solution because of its robust and durable nature. Liquid systems offer easy application, and because some, like Kemper System, can be applied wet-on-wet, this offers even quicker installation times and no hot works required on site.

Its versatility also means it can be applied to any flat surface such as balconies and walkways, and tackle any detailing with ease. A liquid system bonds directly to the substrate, forming a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate and is UV-stable – providing a durable and long-lasting waterproofing solution for future homeowners.

Key considerations

Renovators should be aware that because of the nature of ecclesiastical buildings, they quite often have unusual or complex architectural designs.

Waterproofing with large expanses of sheet materials could; therefore, present challenges, which is why liquid is often specified because of the minimal equipment required. It is also ideal if access to the site is restricted.

Seek advice

No matter what product is specified, obtaining specialist advice and application training is vital. Kemper System, for example, offers contractor training and has a technical team in-house to offer help on any project. Also, ensure products specified have the correct certification which meets the required UK and EU standards.

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