27 Nov 2019

Incorporate structural glass into your period designs

Peter Hazeldean, MD of heritage specialist Ion Glass, offers his advice.


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Structural glass is an effective building material that offers many possibilities, especially when converting or renovating heritage and ecclesiastical properties. Glass provides contemporary solutions whilst also preserving the original architecture; it can be fitted with minimal physical or visual impact on the existing structure, improves heat retention and will maintain the flow of light around the property.

Consider these options when planning your project:

• Many churches have a relatively small footprint but lofty ceilings. If you need to increase space without extending externally, consider a mezzanine floor. A glass balustrade will create a light, airy feel to the new floor and can be installed with or without a handrail, using a choice of fixing methods.

• Protect vulnerable stained glass by fitting a toughened glass panel in front of the window. Ensure it’s an appropriate size and height to meet safety requirements, protecting your window without obscuring it.

• Replacing original timber doors with glass doors, especially as part of a glass porch, will increase the level of natural light within the building whilst minimising draughts and providing better heat retention. A specialist structural glass provider can supply and fit glass doors that work perfectly within arched openings, either directly into the original frame or as part of an arched glass screen.

• A structural glass linkway requires minimal footings and provides a secure and functional interface between old and new construction. Heritage bodies often specify the requirement for a glass linkway to separate a modern extension, allowing for differences in movement and to create a visual divide between styles.

Many, or all aspects of your glass will likely be wholly bespoke, and you will need knowledgeable advice, accurate measurements to accommodate the nuances of the building and experienced installers – but the results speak for themselves.

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