19 Nov 2019

A room for all seasons

Davinder Sangha at Schiedel Chimney Systems suggests a wood-burning stove in conservatories would make the space more inviting during colder months and pinpoints issues to think about prior to installation.


There are clearly safety issues when it comes to installing a wood burner within the conservatory environment – primarily the flammability of UPVC. Still, there are solutions available to mitigate the risks. We’d recommend a twin wall flue system, such as ICS or ICID, which insulates the surrounding materials from heat dispelled by the fire. Although it’s possible to cut a hole in the glass where the flue needs to exit, perhaps a more sensible option is to replace the glass panel above the stove made from an A1 fire-rated material such as aluminium, which meets BS EN 1350-1 standards.

Safety through the roof and support for the flue is another consideration. If the conservatory roof is high and you’ve a significant run of flue, a wall band will help give lateral support.

The length and support of the flue outside the conservatory is also key. Positioning the wood burner close to the external wall of the house means the flue can be supported with a series of brackets. Building Regulations stipulate a chimney needs to stand well clear of any roofing material it passes through.

Finally, there’s keeping the rain out. Flashing and a storm collar on the outside are the answer, but careful thought needs to be given to the materials used. Typical silicone adhesives tend to break-down after prolonged exposure to UV.

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