18 Nov 2019

Four simple ways to makeover your conservatory without knocking it down

In the midst of Brexit, Britons are opting to stay put and improve rather than move, so it’s important to understand that there are plenty of options for refurbishing homes.


From roof replacements to upgrading windows, doors and tiles, there are plenty of ways to inject a new lease of life into a conservatory, without having to knock it down entirely to build a new one.

Managing Director, John Evans at home improvement company Stormclad, advises: “As well as being cost-effective, a conservatory makeover is a sensible choice if your conservatory is structurally sound and can be fixed and upgraded with simple refurbishment services.”

Here are the four ways to makeover your conservatory:

1. Window replacement

Simple window replacement will help to improve the overall look of an old conservatory, and modern materials, new colours and new stylings can be used to ensure that your conservatory matches with the home as an extension of it. Sculptured, chamfered and flush sash profiles are popular window choices for conservatory refurbishments, that can be easily designed and implemented.

2. Replace with high-performance glass

Using high-performance glass, such as SMARTGLASS Ultra 86, is advisable if you wish to combine a low-maintenance, self-cleaning solar control glass with classic conservatory stylings that can be enjoyed all year round.

3. Door replacement

As a main feature of a conservatory, the look and function of a door is a focal point. Whether it’s a classic door style with simple practicality, such as French doors, or an extremely popular and versatile option for letting light in, such as bi-fold doors, there are an array of options for door replacements to give conservatories a necessary upgrade.

4. Roof replacement

If the roof of a conservatory is tired and leaking, there are many roof replacement options to modernise and upgrade your conservatory. For example, Livinroof conservatory roof replacements bridge the gap between glazed and solid conservatory roofing with outstanding flexibility via aluminium or insulated composite external panelling. Whereas the WARMroof intelligently incorporates features of the main house, achieving the look of a traditional extension without any of the hassle. Or, the Stormclad WARMroof hybrid option is the ideal fusion of light and solid roofing, using double or triple glazed units and a plasterboard finish, the unique roofing system is thermally-efficient, with a modern, bright finish.

Usually, roof replacements and refurbishments don’t need planning permission, but there are certain regulations that need to be adhered to.

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