23 Sep 2019

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Oak frame porches can come in multiple designs and can help to create an extended space from the front of a property. They can provide shelter from the elements and cut out the favourite past time of fumbling around shivering in the dark trying to find the key in the dark and unlock the front door. The Oak Designs Company takes a closer look at this must-have addition.


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Aside from the practical benefits porches also aesthetically improve the front exterior of your house and do well for kerb appeal. Oak frame porches continue to grow in popularity and are a great method of adding value to your property and making the front of your house stand out from the rest.

The most cost effective oak frame porches are the simple floor and wall mounted types, commonly found with two external oak posts on pad stones. These benefit from straight-forward low cost foundations and not only look great but are also commonly used to replace old dilapidated porches. The down side of these is that despite looking good and providing shelter from the rain they are normally open sided and cannot offer any protection from the wind. Due to their small size and simplicity these porches can however be applied to a large variation of other house types and styles.

There are much larger versions of the wall and floor mounted porch. Here, the oak frame’s stability normally relies on sitting on top of the same type of brick or stonework that is used in the build of the property. This works really well where you have buildings which have used different types of brick or stone work at the base of the property normally at least four layers above slab level.

They provide a large porch space which give you a lot more protection from the elements but can also give you the ability to turn the floor area of the porch into an extension of your own house internally normally through the use of boarding, glass and doors which can be done then and there or at a later date years down the line. Once these porches are closed off from the outside, they can help create hallways and an area to hang up jackets and store shoes away, stopping dirt and other filth being dragged through the house.

The combination of glazing and oak can look truly stunning and can be superb elements to incorporate into the front of your house especially to give it a fresh new look.

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