10 Oct 2018

Unidrain discusses how best to stop drains from being boring

When considering a bathroom for a new build or a refurbishment, you must first take into account the lifestyles of those who will ultimately be using this space, including the ages and abilities of all the family members, along with the potential frequency of use. If it is the only bathing space for a family of four, with working parents and teenage children, speed and efficient bathing options are a must. Here, Unidrain discusses how best to stop drains from being boring.


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A large wetroom or wetroom-style showering space is an ideal option. Walk-in showers are increasingly more popular, especially with the wide variety of shower surfaces that are available. Wetroom-style showers are now much simpler to install than ever before and can also be used alongside underfloor heating.

When undertaking any new bathroom project, every detail is important. However, usually the focus is on the furniture – the bathtubs and washbasins, vanity units and showerhead and often drains are an afterthought, viewed as a boring necessity rather than an aspect of the overall design.

A combination of technology and creative design is changing this, along with new simpler methods of installation. A slender drainage channel can now be placed against any shower wall, immediately decluttering the shower floor, creating an elegant, spacious surface. The drain itself can be colour-coordinated and narrow to the point of near invisibility, or bold in its design, becoming a feature of the shower floor surface.

Creating the bathroom of your dreams is simple, even if you have a particularly large or unusual sized bathroom as a wetroom can be any size or shape. With a wetroom, you are not restricted to a standard size and, for the more unique bathroom, many companies offer a bespoke service. Your self-build bathroom drains really don’t need to be boring anymore.

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