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10 Oct 2018

Matching dining chairs with tables needn’t be daunting

We may have hundreds of channels on our televisions, but we still tend to fall back on our favourites albeit Netflix, the BBC, ITV or the Food Channel! We kid ourselves that we like choice, but often we prefer the comfort of returning to that which has been previously tried and tested. Where do you even begin when faced with the huge range of dining tables and chairs that are available today? Especially when you’re looking for something that extra-bit special.


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Could it be that there’s a better way to choose our furniture? If you’re not going to rely on hiring an interior designer, you’re going to need to venture into the wonderful world of bespoke furniture. In the right showroom the range is huge. However, it’s always better to go with a plan, so here Wharsfside gives its advice on how to pair dining furniture pieces together. It’s all about your own style and requirements.

Woods and materials are important

When an interior designer proposes a design to a client they create moodboards. These are boards with fabric swatches, magazine cutouts and colour schemes. The aim is to define what a client likes before jumping into the specifics of which dining table or chair they may recommend. It’s the same with furniture – what woods and materials do your new furniture need to match? Simply identifying wood choices or that they must have a stainless steel leg is an excellent start. If you search for ‘dining chairs’, you’ll get 400 million results in Google, but it’s so much easier when you’re looking for ‘leather walnut cantilever chairs with steel legs’, which has a comparatively small half a million results. Consider how materials work together; you may prefer dark rather than light wood with those metal legs.

Can you go for a dash of colour?

In better furniture showrooms, you will have a wider choice of options – leather and upholstery may come in many colours; even a gorgeous Corian dining table might be available in more choices than just white. These are the kinds of details that bring a design together. Wood has colour too. It can range from very pale – almost white, through orange hues to deep, dark walnut. There can be so many choices to choose from when it comes to colour; you can keep your dining room neutral (making it inviting and warm, as well as easy to maintain), or let your wild side free with the colour choices on your dining room furniture.

Rounded corners versus sharp edges

Once you have chosen your colour and material palette, the final choice is shape. Curves are a great way to evoke a retro, organic space, or you may prefer the modern outlook of angular, straight-edged furniture.

For a truly grand approach, you’ll be looking for carver chairs – dining chairs with arms – either at the ends of the table or all around if you have space.

No matter how you decide to choose your table and chairs, remember to make it an inviting space that showcases your love for your self-build, then you simply can’t go wrong – embrace your own styling and let yourself run wild!

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