10 Jul 2018

Using the correct tools to get the right finish

When it comes to decorating, choosing the right tools for each job can sometimes be a minefield.


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Yet failure to select the best brush, roller or prep tools for the task in hand can leave you with a less than desirable finish to your work.

Get prepped for the job

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Any professional decorator knows that the most important step is always the first and it’s essential that you prep surface areas to achieve the perfect finish.

For toolkit essentials, multi-tools provide a wide range of features that make all key prep tasks easier. Encompassing screwdrivers, scrapers, nail pullers, bottle and can openers and more, multi-tools allow you to keep your toolkit light and succinct.

Which type of brush to choose?

Choosing the right brush for the right job can make all the difference to the finished results.

If the surface requires a primer, a thicker stocked brush is best – as they will provide a good surface for the paint. These brushes will pick up and release more paint than a regular brush, allowing decorators greater productivity on the job with more paint at hand. Oil-based paints can be quite thick to apply so it’s important to use a stiffer brush in order to work the paint and get as much pick-up as possible.

Stains and varnishes are extremely thin and bring the opposite problem. Overworking these products can leave them prone to brush-marking, so choose a soft brush, with fine filaments to achieve a beautiful, mirror-like finish.

Water-based paints are also thin in texture, so opt for thinner filaments to create less drag when laying off to achieve a smoother finish.

A brush with thinner filaments will allow a quick and easy clean up once the job is finally complete.

Selecting the best roller and sleeve for the job

Using the right roller and sleeve not only gives a better finish, but can increase productivity and performance. Lightweight and durable frames are ideal for all jobs no matter how big or small. When it comes to sleeves, woven covers allow for more paint pick-up and help reduce dripping and spatter – delivering an expert finish every time.

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