06 Jun 2018

Wood floor trends to look out for

Endless design opportunities means that wooden floors continue to be a popular choice for residential projects in 2018. With trends developing fast, it’s important to think about which flooring trends may or may not work for your self-build project.


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Here, Kährs rounds up some of the biggest wood floor trends to watch out for.

Patterned floors

Patterned wood flooring never ceases to make people go “wow” when they walk into the room. There are plenty of pattern options available, including unique bygone-inspired Dutch and French patterned flooring, which has the power to transform a room instantly. And let’s not forget chevron and herringbone designs, which continue to soar in popularity for their striking and classic look. With patterned designs now available in ready-to-lay engineered formats, these classic patterns are easier than ever to install in the modern day and so are particularly ideal for self-builders.

Dark floors

Over the past few years ‘scandi-chic’ light and grey floors have been the focus for most residential projects, and although these colours are still very much in demand, dark floors are taking back some of the limelight this year. Smoked oak and walnut designs in chocolate and deep ebony shades look great in a large space and achieve a certain look of luxury.


This year, matt continues to go a step further with ultra-matt surface treatments taking the market by storm. Emanuel Lidberg, Head of Design at Kährs Group, says: “Traditional lacquer finishes reflect light which distracts from the floor’s appearance. Our new, ultra-matt finish minimises reflections so that the wood’s natural grain and tone can be appreciated to the full.”

Ultra-matt wood floors are ideal for all projects, particularly spaces with abundant natural light, for example, with floor-to-ceiling glazing. The result is a durable floor with a look and feel of untreated, newly-sawn timber.

Muted floors – natural and grey

Statement floors aren’t for everyone, and might not work for a certain room. Natural and grey-tone oak floors give a minimalist and timeless base to complement other interior fabric, wall and decor trends which you may wish to include within your interior. 2018 is the year of dusky pink and bold purple shades for walls, and with interior trends constantly evolving, a more neutral floor colour can be a great option if you are looking for something more low-key, but equally as beautiful in your home.


Rustic wood floor designs have been popular for some time and there are no signs of this trend disappearing. Think distressed floors, with saw marks, lots of colour variation and heavy brushing, emulating the look of a vintage reclaimed board. Designs with hand-scraping and large natural cracks and knots are also increasing in popularity, as these really show off the natural beauty of wood.


Perhaps the most important ‘trend’ of all, is that people are striving to be as eco-friendly as possible, and flooring is no exception. Engineered wood flooring is constructed with the environment in mind, with the top layer on show being the main wood species (e.g. oak) and layers underneath a quick-growing species (e.g. pine), thereby using less of the valuable hardwood surface layer compared to traditional solid wood flooring.

Kährs’ dedication to the environment doesn’t stop at multi-layer construction – Kährs is working with local, national and global organisations to ensure the forest stock is sustainable for generations to come. In Sweden, the total forest volume is 60% larger today than in the 1920s.

With plenty of on-trend flooring designs to choose from, make sure to also consider the practicability, maintenance and environmental ethos of the product and company. Kährs has a portfolio of over 200 engineered wood flooring designs, which are all easy to install, care for and made from sustainable material.

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