05 Jun 2018

Five ways to add the neon trend to your self-build

Neon lighting and decorative accessories are both nostalgic and now, evoking retro charm and appeal while also being ideal for modern interiors. This innovative form of tube lighting was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1910 by French Engineer and Inventor Georges Claude, also known as ‘the Edison of France’.


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Neon rapidly became popular for displays and signs in the 1920s and 1930s and is seen as iconic of those decades; during that period neon lights could be seen all over, with the love of these handmade lighting designs caught all over the world. Neon enjoyed a revival in the 1980s and during 2017 it emerged once again as one of the biggest current trends and has continued to grow in popularity. A must-have hit, neon shows no signs of fading. If you’re looking to feature the neon trend in your home, why not discover five ways to enhance your interior for special occasions or all year round, with bold and bright neon lights and home decor.

Neon table lamps

An instant way to add a cheerful burst of colour and illumination, neon table lamps with bases will look brilliant on any table, desk or other surface in your self-build. A choice of neon table lamp designs is available to suit many individual interior styles and colour schemes, while you may wish to combine neon with other current trends by choosing a cool neon cactus or flamboyant neon flamingo lamp.

Neon lights for party decor

Neon lighting can be a perfect way to add to the ambience while entertaining guests at home or hosting parties. A neon ‘party’ sign will help people relax into the party mood as they arrive, while neon ‘bar’ signs will show where they can get a refill, in the kitchen or wherever the drinks can be found.

Child-friendly neon-effect lighting

If you’re looking for a child-friendly way to add the neon trend to your self-build there are many neon lights that would add a dreamy, whimsical look and a warm, pleasant glow to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

Neon signs for specific rooms

While many neon lights will look great in any room of your brand-new self-build, you may wish to find the perfect neon sign for a particular room. A neon ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’ sign would be ideal for a hallway or entranceway, while a stylish ‘boudoir’ neon sign will make the perfect finishing touch to a bedroom or private dressing room. For the living room, a freestanding neon ‘lounge’ sign is sure to make the room feel even more homely and relaxing.

Fun neon home decor

For a modern look
If you’re looking to add a fun and quirky twist to your self-build decor, neon lighting designs are a great way to do this, whatever your interior style or decor scheme. For those who would like a pet but without the responsibility, mess or noise, why not add a neon animal into your home.

For retro charm
For those of you with a sweet tooth, there are an abundance of fun food-related neon home decor additions with a distinctly retro feel that are sure to make you smile.

Hurn & Hurn hopes this feature has been illuminating and has given you a little taste of the extensive range of neon lights and decor designs available, plus inspiration and ideas about how to add the neon trend to your self-build.

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