05 Apr 2018

Which bath is the best option for you?

A beautiful bath has become a real statement piece for many interior designs. It should be the focal point of your brand-new self-build bathroom but which style should you invest in? Here, i-build takes a look at the options to help you make a decision.


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The freestanding tub

Chic and contemporary, there is no doubt that a freestanding bath will be an elegant and extravagant addition to your self-build bathroom. A freestanding bath will dominate any space, making it a strong design feature; but despite its beauty, a freestanding tub does have some cons.

Arguably, the most frequent bathers are babies, toddlers and small children, so it is important to be aware of the limitations of a claw-foot or pedestal bath when considering purchasing one for your family bathroom. Getting in and out of these gorgeous tubs can up the risk of slipping so it may be worth investing in some fixtures and fittings to limit this risk. A non-slip mat would be a simple solution for this.

There are also certain logistics to consider when taking the plunge and installing a freestanding bath. Just as you have no doubt discovered so far on your self-build journey, no job is a simple as it may first look. You can’t pop a freestanding bath in the middle of the room and hope for the best. Technical awareness of plumbing and drainage would be useful, and it is vital. You’ll also need to consider the likelihood of overflow and splashing, so it’s important to think about the bath's placement – you want to be able to walk around it with a mop! You must also remember that a glass pane to prevent any water spillage isn’t going to work with this particular bath. A shower curtain may be a quick and easy solution for this.

The built-in bath

If you step into most bathrooms across the country, you will more than likely be greeted an by a built-in tub, installed against a wall on two or three sides. There may be a few slight variations – with a shower curtain or sheet of glass, perhaps a showerhead suspended above, maybe just taps – but all in all, this is a bathroom reality for most of the UK. Although not particularly exciting, these baths are popular, but why?

A built-in bath is a practical choice for families because it is a much safer option. They also provide some extra-flat surfaces to place things on – perfect for bath-time with toddlers. Built-in baths take up far less space than their luxurious freestanding counterpart, so they are great for squeezing into tight spaces and far less maintenance.

Look Book: Towels

After a relaxing soak in your newly-purchased tub, you’ll need a stylish towel to dry-off with.

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