31 Oct 2017

Top tips for taking the stress out of the moving process

Your self-build home is finally complete, but now you face the arduous task of moving in. Adam Jones, Business Development Director at ArrowXL – a UK-leading two-man home delivery expert – shares his top tips for taking the stress out of the moving process. This includes the importance of preparation, time management and shopping from retailers who offer specialist home delivery crews to assemble your new furniture.


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Moving to a new house can be an exhausting process, from both a physical and an emotional perspective; packing and shifting countless boxes whilst having to adapt to a new environment can be overwhelming – and that’s before you even consider the mountain of admin and the associated costs.

For someone moving into a self-build home, the accompanying levels of stress are likely to be amplified. Not only is the homeowner embarking on a new chapter, but they are doing so in a home that has been built to their own specifications; the endless hours spent managing and funding a project of this nature ensures that the moving-in process is even more special and stressful in equal measure. By commissioning a bespoke home that is tailored to their specific requirements, a self-builder would almost certainly have a clear idea of where their existing furniture would go and where they would need to purchase new items. Therefore, we thought we would share our five top tips for moving and assembling furniture in a self-build.

The importance of preparation

Preparation is key ahead of a big move, and this should extend to your furniture. Always ensure your items are empty ahead of transportation and seal any drawers or doors – this will make the furniture easier to carry, especially when heading upstairs, not to mention will decrease the chances of damaging your furniture during transportation. Also, if you’re restoring or repainting furniture to fit into your new surroundings, make sure you do this in advance. There will be more than enough odd jobs to do once you’re in your new home, and you don’t want to get unwanted paint or sawdust in your freshly decorated home.

Wrap up

You have been brave enough to design and build your new home, which has probably been finished to a very high standard. The last thing you need is dents or marks on the walls. Even if you’re using a professional moving team, there is no harm in investing in bubble wrap – and a lot of it.

Bulky items first

When populating your new home with accumulated furniture, make sure you start at the top of the house and work down. This way, there will be more room on the ground floor when transporting the bulkier pieces of furniture upstairs. Not only is this more efficient, but it is also safer too.

Specialists assemble

Whilst you will have collected a lot of furniture over the years, it is highly likely that you will also be purchasing many new items for your self-build home.

When browsing different showrooms or websites for the perfect products to complement your new home, it is also important to consider each retailer’s choice of home delivery partner. We recommend you shop from retailers that can offer specialist delivery crews who can also efficiently assemble or install your items on the day. With a mountain of unpacking to do, as well as countless other tasks, you may not have time to install a dishwasher or set up your brand-new TV and connecting devices.

At ArrowXL, we have a growing portfolio of retailers now using our ‘Platinum’ home delivery solution for consumer deliveries, which has been designed for high-end or complex products requiring first-class service. Our highly trained crews deliver, assemble and install thousands of items on a daily basis right across the UK – from king-sized beds to tumble dryers – taking any packaging with them as they go. We understand letting strangers into your home, especially during a highly stressful moving period, can be daunting, and that is why we deliver dedicated customer service training to all of our delivery crews.

Time management

Moving into a new home can take a great deal of time with the vast majority of people using precious annual leave. We understand just how important it is for everything to go to schedule during the moving process – you don’t want to wait for Wi-Fi or hot water. Similarly, if you have ordered new furniture you want to ensure it arrives at the designated time. Therefore, we ensured our ‘Platinum’ service is fully supported by AskAxl; our highly innovative web app that provides visual tracking of the delivery vehicle and dynamically updates time slots to reduce the delivery window to just 30 minutes.

Moving into your own self-build signifies the final step of a long and exhausting journey. Take the opportunity to prepare in advance, think logically when moving items, and rely on specialist suppliers for support, especially for those new items that provide the finishing touches to your new home.

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