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06 Sep 2021

How to Get the Perfect TV Media Wall

TV Media walls are all the rage, and you’ll no doubt have seen them flooding the interior design and self-build world. The concept of a media wall takes feature walls to new heights, with a space that offers both fashion and function. Here, Annabelle Carvell from the Stovax Heating Group describes how to achieve the perfect media wall – including an electric fireplace for the ultimate in luxury and convenient heat.


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What is a media wall?

A media wall is designed to create a bespoke centrepiece to capture the attention of people when they enter the room. It’s typically a full wall installation of a variety of media appliances, from TVs and fireplaces to shelving and integrated storage. Many people opt to use the full available width and height of a wall by building a stud wall framework that allows you to mount a television and, most importantly, leaves space for a built-in electric fire for a focal point. It blends functionality with spectacle, combining everything that sits at the heart of the home in one entertainment space.

Choosing an electric fire

Having now decided to go ahead with a media wall, you’ll probably be looking at which electric fire to opt for. There are a huge variety of different sizes, technologies and flame visuals out there to choose from, but ultimately some key tips might be to look for a fire that offers the very best in energy-saving features and offers the most authentic fireside experience. Brands such as Onyx offer an incredibly realistic and immersive display from their Avanti electric range, with this fire also operable via a mobile app – the perfect companion for a media wall experience. With logs that have been modelled on real oak and birch, extensive lighting and flame effects, and one-, two-, or three-sided installation options, this electric fire is a must-have for anyone looking for the ultimate media wall.

Television size

One of the main considerations to make when choosing your appliances for a media wall is the size of your television. If you’re integrating storage into your media wall framework, you will want to think about if you prefer your TV centred, with shelves, cupboards and drawers on either side, or offset. If you think you might like to upgrade to a larger TV in the future, this is something you may want to think about doing before you start planning the dimensions of your media wall, especially if you’d like your fireplace to be roughly the same size as a television recess. As long as you know the dimensions of the TV, you can factor this into your design plan.

Peripheral devices

For the ultimate media wall, you may want to allow room for extra peripherals, such as speaker systems, games consoles and more. Don’t forget to account for these in your plan and provide space to accommodate them, along with the cable management involved for a tidy and neat finish. It’s good practice to plan where you’ll be situating your devices, and leave a route through which you can channel cables out of sight to wherever they need to go, such as a fireplace.

You might also want to consider any extras that come with your fireplace that may further boost the appeal of your media wall – such as mood lighting. The Gazco eStudio electric fire range, for example, can be selected with the optional Mood Lighting System, which allows you to position a flexible LED strip around the fire, under shelves or even around a TV to provide atmospheric mood lighting. The LED Mood Lighting System for this particular fire can be set to the same 13 vibrant lighting colours of the eStudio and is easily controlled with the fire’s Eco handset.

Enjoyment all year round

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to having a media wall that features a fireplace is the fact that most electric fires can be enjoyed with, or without, the heat. This means that at the entertainment hub of your home, you can be enjoying the same fireside ambience in the warmer months as you do in the winter, but with the bonus of being able to choose when you want heat – and when you don’t!

For more information and advice on choosing the perfect electric fire for your media wall project, we recommend speaking to your local expert retailer for advice, plus aftersales care.

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