When looking to fill your garden with beautiful flowers, consider plants that can be used to add colour, flavour and texture to your home-cooked food.

04 Jun 2015
Many self-builders find themselves at the end of a project with a beautiful home surrounded by a bare garden. However, there are many ways to create a beautiful garden by using resources already on your site.

05 May 2015
Paul Garlick, of green wall expert Mobilane, looks at the latest innovative techniques to green your new home and add additional levels of sustainability.

02 Apr 2015
It’s easy to think that environmental change and destruction is something that only happens in pristine green environments such as rainforests. But while it is hard for UK homeowners to directly help protect these very valuable places, there is an environment under threat that is literally on many people’s doorsteps:…

04 Mar 2015
Nick Green, author of the Self Build Garden Room Guide, shares his top tips for building your own garden room.

29 Jan 2015
A commercial pilot for a well-known short-haul package holiday airline can now extend his flight time from the comfort of his own home, thanks to his own personal garden aircraft hanger.

23 Dec 2014
With an increasing number of self-build projects endeavoring to achieve self-sufficient principles, i-build presents everything you need to know to create a garden that can sustain these aims.

With a visual appeal that is not easily surpassed, natural stone paving is a premium landscaping choice for budding self-builders. However, as worrying reports about unethical manufacturing practices continue to surface, choosing the right supplier can weigh heavily on the conscience – Malcolm Gough, Business Development Director at Natural Paving…

The self-build journey can be long and tiresome, but the last hurdle is an entirely new project in its own right – the garden.

12 Jun 2014
A family conundrum was the unexpected catalyst for the creation of a breathtaking annex in the garden of a Victorian house in Battersea, South West London.

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