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21 Oct 2021

Resin-bound Driveway Tips


Don’t just settle for a tired black tarmac or colourless concrete for the front of your house. Your home should be a statement, and what better way to make that statement than with a stunning and fully customised driveway?


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In this article, SureSet has put together some important factors and top tips on installing a successful resin-bound driveway. The first thing everyone wants to know is cost.

What are the costs?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of a new driveway – all of which can alter plans to suit your budget.

These can include:

•  The size of your new driveway
•  The material you choose to build with
•  The cost of local labour
•  Whether or not you need to create a dropped kerb to allow for easy access
•  The current state of your existing driveway foundations
•  The design of your new driveway.

The best way to get a more accurate idea of just how much your new driveway will cost is to ask for a direct quote. Remember, you’ll be getting a long-lasting driveway to enjoy for many years, which is an investment well spent.

Planning permission with permeable resin

Planning permission can be a bit of a pain for any building works, so being able to avoid them is always a perk. If you use a permeable surface, it makes it a lot easier to steer clear of lengthy planning permission processes. For example, SureSet’s resin driveways are easy to install, making your building works far easier. It uses a natural aggregate that can be laid over a cellular grid, asphalt or concrete. If you have these existing, it must be in good condition, however, it will make installations quicker – and cheaper. You also won’t have any loose stone on your drive, so your vehicle won’t be damaged by pesky gravel and stones.


A neat and tidy driveway that’s in good condition and paved with the right material can add kerb appeal to your property and increase its value. Your driveway can be used to complement the colour and looks of your home and create a lasting impression that will keep making an impact for many years to come. There’s more to the type and colour of the paving material, of course.

What’s more, other elements can transform the area into more than a standard drive, and one that not only enhances the beauty of your home but also increases its value.

These elements could include:

•  Incorporating edging
•  Adding lighting
•  Framing your driveway with borders
•  Installing a water feature.

10 Top Tips for Installing a SureSet Resin-bound Driveway

1. Work on a dry day
You should lay SureSet paving on a dry day. Postpone your project if the day that you plan to do it is wet or threatens to rain or snow. The resin-bound paving will cure faster on days that are warm and sunny.

2. Prepare the surface first
If you’re installing over an existing driveway that is paved with tarmac or concrete, prepare the surface by cleaning. Sweep away all debris, such as stones, twigs, leaves and bits of paper, plastic, or other matter that drifted into the driveway. Don’t lay your new paving on a surface that hasn’t been prepared.

3. Position edging if necessary
Edging prevents the resin-bound paving from spreading out of shape before it sets, and minimises the risk of various types of damage long after the paving has cured. You can lay SureSet against almost any type of secure edging, such as aluminium or stainless-steel edging, timber edging, walls and brick pavers. If you’re also installing edging, position it before you start paving.

4. Protect the edging where possible
Some types of edging may be stained by the resin. Mask any exposed areas of the edging in a way that will make it easy to remove the masking once the new paving has dried and cured.

5. Mix the resins you received in their tubs
Mix the resins that were included in your SureSet paving kit in a container. Ensure they’re mixed thoroughly.

6. Add the resin mix to the aggregate
Add the mixed resins to the aggregate (in a large gorilla tub) and blend thoroughly. Ensure the particles of aggregate are fully coated, or you risk causing blisters in the surface once it has cured and/or compromising your driveway paving’s life expectancy.

7. Pour the mix onto the surface and level
When the resin and aggregate are correctly mixed, pour it onto the prepared driveway and, using a spazzle and float. Spread the mix around and level it to create a flat surface. You have between 10 and 20 minutes to work with the resin aggregate mix after blending them, so you may need to work in sections, depending on the size of the driveway. If you cannot complete the project in one day, use a piece of timber to create a day joint (temporary edging) that you can remove to continue paving the following day.

8. Leave to cure for 24 hours
Leave your newly-paved driveway to cure for 24 hours before using it. If it has not dried and cured within 48 hours, contact us for advice.

9. Remember your maintenance
A SureSet driveway only needs periodic sweeping and occasional power washing to keep it looking as good as new. The technology of SureSet minimises the number of voids through which weeds can grow.

10. Enjoy the fruits of your labour
Last but no means least, enjoy your hard work!

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