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06 Sep 2021

6 Top Tips for Securing Your Home


Research shows that 40% of people believe that security is the most important factor when purchasing new windows and doors. Victoria Brocklesby, Chief Operations Officer at Origin, a UK-leading manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows, offers her advice on the best features to secure your doors and windows in your home.


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1. Glazing

Patio doors, such as bi-folding and sliding doors, feature large expanses of glass, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about security. These doors are now required by law to be fitted with glass that meets high security standards. For added peace of mind, quality doors and windows will also come with an option to upgrade to laminated, reinforced or toughened glass. These glass types will have different structures that will ensure that doors are more capable of withstanding damage, over and above what is required by regulations.

2. Locks

The locking barrels are often a door’s weakest point, with 31% of intruders entering a home by forcing a door lock. However, high-quality doors will come with tamper-proof options, such as coded magnetic keys or a three-star barrel. These options will ensure that your home is protected against intruders picking or drilling your lock.

Origin Windows, for example, either use the Yale Encloser lock or the Nemesis multi-point lock, which both have a strong reputation for quality, to offer ultimate reassurance.

These safety considerations should also be prioritised for your garage door. Using highly-secure locks on all points of entry to your home will ensure maximum security for your property.

3. Handles

Apart from the locking barrels/cylinders, handles are the most vulnerable element of doors and windows. Given this, it is important to find the safest option for your home. Using a handle with a cast metal body, as well as hardened metal bolts, will ensure you are protected against brute force.

You can also add a cylinder guard – which will offer resistance against lock snapping– and a cylinder shield that prevent intruders being able to drill the lock. This protection can be further bolstered by a chamfered backplate which makes the handle difficult to grip. These backplates stop thieves from being able to use mole-grips or clamps to detach handles, ensuring you are kept as safe as possible inside your home.

4. Materials

The materials used to make doors and windows have a huge impact on security. Our products are made from aluminium which is much stronger and more durable than the uPVC and wood alternatives. This means that they are less likely to become warped or weather, compared to weaker products on the market, given aluminium’s high strength-to-weight ratio.

Unlike uPVC doors and windows, aluminium frames are resistant to cracking if hit with a sharp object and being cut or sawn, in the way a wooden counterpart could. Aluminium frames ensure that your doors and windows are not only robust, but also benefit from ultra-thin sightlines, helping to maximise the amount of light entering your home.

5. Hinges

Every element of your door contributes to its security, and the hinges are no exception. Our windows and doors come with corrosion-resistant, high-grade stainless-steel hinges, and are cycle tested 50,000 times to ensure they are secure. Hinge guards can also be added to ensure intruders cannot pry open windows along the hinged side of windows to add additional security to your home.

The safest hinges are made using strong metals like zinc and include special bolts and screws, which make it much harder to lever the frames off the hinges. Having a hinge that is strong and corrosion proof will ensure your home is safe from all types of damage, both now and in the future.

6. Secured by Design

For added peace of mind, look for trusted companies are part of Secured by Design (SBD). SBD is a national police crime prevention initiative that aims to ‘design out crime’ by using only the best designs and features. These high security standards ensure quality over time, rather than just from one-off testing, meaning your house is secure both now and long into the future. SBD products are currently up to 75% less likely to be burgled, which is important when looking for the safest options for your home. Our bi-fold door, residential door, OW-70 window and OW-80 window are all part of this initiative.

Security should always be the top priority when considering which doors and windows to use for a project. Whether you are building, renovating or just updating your home, ensure you choose premium products that will keep your home as secure as possible for years to come.

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