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16 Aug 2021

A Money-saving, Sustainable Garden Makeover


In the midst of a national lockdown, a family of five transformed their tiny 60m2 back garden into a stunning outdoor living space, using sustainable composite decking and saving thousands of pounds in a DIY makeover.


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Sera Sekerci from York recruited her 72-year-old stranded father to help with the project, who was due to fly home to Turkey after a family visit when lockdown restrictions hit. To keep busy, Sera and her father set to work, reconfiguring her unattractive and unusable garden space into a contemporary, Insta-worthy sensation – and the results are stunning.

Sera installed Composite Prime HD Deck 150 in silver. The decking chosen is a sustainable product that is made from FSC 100% hardwood flour and recycled plastic to produce a durable, natural-looking decking product that outperforms traditional treated timber. Sera commented: “We absolutely knew we had to have composite decking due to its supreme durability and low-maintenance properties. Sustainability credentials were very important to us as we looked to create a garden that not only looked stunning but was kind to the environment.”

Many homeowners are now looking to make sustainable choices when it comes to developing and designing gardens, as it is crucial to combat the growing crisis around waste products. Composite decking has a number of environmental benefits, and as a result, they provide a much more sustainable and genuine alternative to traditional timber decking.

In the last six years of operation, composite decking brand Composite Prime has saved the equivalent of 151 million plastic milk bottles from landfill. As well as this, each square metre of its composite decking contains the equivalent of more than 3000 plastic bottle caps or 280 plastic bottles.

Prior to its revamp, Sera commented that she’d been left with an “ugly outdoor space” after an extension was added to the house which she shares with her husband and three children. Sera said: “We had gone massively over budget with the house. We obtained some quotes for the garden, and they were coming in at £14,000 – our garden is tiny!

“We requested samples from six different companies as quality and a natural appearance that matched the interior of our house was very important to us. As a family with three children, we also wanted an area that was safe and could be used year-round with minimum upkeep. The composite decking itself is slip-proof and doesn’t rot or splinter, so it’s the perfect solution for family living. When we’re not hosting dinner parties on the decking, it is extra space for the children to enjoy playing outdoors…mess and mud-free!”

Composite decking is the fastest-growing timber decking alternative currently available on the market. Although traditional timber decking has been the preferred choice of many for years, it’s a high-maintenance product that requires annual painting and staining. Composite decking, however, is a simple, sustainable, no-fuss alternative due to its unique formula, which makes it low maintenance and more durable than traditional products.

Sera, who uses her popular ‘home styling’ and interior design Instagram account @rugrats.and.renovation to document her home improvements, was inspired by social media to transform her modest back garden plot.

The beautiful outdoor area, which can now be used to entertain friends and family year-round, includes a modern dining table set at the far side of the garden under a tree, which acts as a natural canopy against the sunlight. Lighting and soft furnishings, including an outdoor sofa, have been placed above Composite Prime’s attractive and low-maintenance decking.

Unlike many timber products, composite decking is suitable for residential gardens as it doesn’t warp or crack and is also fire resistant. Another key benefit of Composite Prime products is the ease at which the decking can be installed. Whilst traditional decking options can often be laborious and tricky to take on, requiring specialist tools, many composite deck boards have a sophisticated clip system that is very easy to install.

Composite decking has become a sought-after and stylish option for outdoor spaces that is practical for family use year-round. The boards are a simpler, stylish alternative to traditional timber decking with minimum upkeep and very little care required to remain looking pristine all year round.

To find out more about how to renovate your garden using low-maintenance and family-friendly composite decking, please visit the website below.

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