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04 Nov 2020

Never Paint Your Render Again

A typical suburban street will have a mixture of homes; some modern, some older, some with exposed brick and some finished with a coloured render.


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Many of these rendered homes will have used a traditional lime render which benefits from breathability and versatility. Lime render is often described as superior to cement, as its vapour-permeability allows water, as a gas or a liquid, to pass through, avoiding the build-up of moisture and reducing the risk of damp and damage to masonry.

So, what are the benefits of rendering your home using lime render? James Ayres, Co-Founder and Operations Director at Lime Green Products, investigates.

1. Improved external appearance

Typically, the main reason for rendering a property is to improve its external appearance. By adding a coat of render, you can achieve a seamless and beautiful finish.

A key benefit of using lime render, specifically pre-coloured lime render, is that the need for paint is removed. Lime render is often available in a variety of colours, meaning a home can have a unique, individual appearance, without the need to spend time, money and resources on a large-scale painting job to complete its exterior finish.

Years of exposure can lead to spalling or damaged brickwork, leaving it looking messy or uneven. Bricks can be difficult to replace, but adding a layer of pre-coloured lime render allows you to hide this uneven brickwork, replacing it with a smooth, uniform appearance, in a beautiful and interesting colour.

2. Reduced need for maintenance and repairs

Lime benefits from strength and durability, as the incredibly fine particles can easily penetrate minuscule spaces in brickwork, allowing it to bind well and provide long-lasting adhesion.

Lime-built walls move and settle throughout the seasons, so lime render will move sympathetically at the same rate, unlike brittle, hard cement renders. This reduces the risk of external cracking, minimising the need for maintenance and repairs.

As pre-coloured lime renders do not require painting, there is a reduced need to maintain the colour over time, as unlike render, paint can often crack and peel after years of exposure.

3. Weather protection

Lime render can provide weather protection, as its vapour-permeable qualities mean that any water absorbed into external walls of a home during rainfall will be able to escape externally, reducing the risk of damp and water damage.

In addition, lime’s strength and durability will provide protection against harsh weather conditions, ensuring a home remains dry for years to come.

4. Higher indoor air quality

The vapour-permeable properties of lime render enable it to contribute to improved humidity control. This is due to its capability to enable moisture to escape the walls when there is a surplus, maintaining a comfortable internal environment and a higher indoor air quality.

The removal of excess moisture means condensation will not occur on the surface of walls. That condensation has the potential to cause the growth of mould, which releases toxins into the air, creating an unhealthy internal environment. Lime also allows condensation and moisture to escape easily, preventing it from building up in the indoor environment, further contributing to higher indoor air quality.

5. Environmentally friendly

Lime is a natural, sustainable material, and, unlike silicone and plastic renders, it does not contain added biocides or depend on oil extraction for its production.

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