11 Sep 2020

Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure

Your house isn’t a home if it doesn’t feel secure, so it’s vital to consider safety when embarking on a renovation or extension project. Here, Victoria Brocklesby, Chief Operations Officer at Origin, offers her advice for choosing the most secure doors and windows to keep your home as safe as possible.


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1. Choose strong materials

Doors and windows offer the easiest access points for intruders, so it is important to consider materials carefully when embarking on a project and opt for frames that are strong and durable. The most popular materials for door and window frames are uPVC, wood and aluminium. uPVC is the cheapest option, but is not innately strong, making it far easier to break. Wood and timber look fantastic on period properties, but also lack durability and are prone to weathering. Aluminium, on the other hand, combines strength and robustness with a lightweight structure, making it the securest option available, whilst allowing for ultra-thin frames to maximise the natural light let into a property.

2. Look for the Secured by Design accreditation

The Secured by Design accreditation is awarded to doors and windows that have been rigorously tested and approved by the police, offering a quick way to identify the highest performing systems in terms of security. The accreditation assesses how secure the doors or windows are, ensuring they are sufficiently robust to resist attack by opportunistic burglars. Since the accreditation was first introduced in the late ‘80s, it has helped decrease new home break-ins by an incredible 87%.

3. Lead from the front

Almost three-quarters of break-ins happen through the front door, so prioritising a high-quality front door is a fundamental part of home security.

The traditionally weak areas for doors are the cylinder/locking barrel and the handle. In fact, UK crime statistics illustrate that 27% of burglaries involve lock snapping. This is because most doors use insecure cylinders which burglars can vandalise to gain entry. So, be sure to choose tamper-proof barrels. Reputable companies will offer either a three-star barrel or one with coded magnetic keys for the highest level of security. Both are proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping. For an even more resilient option, look out for diamond barrels – these are some of the strongest on the market.

4. Check the locks

Before investing in a door or window, ensure it has a multi-point lock. For instance, all of Origin’s doors feature an eight-point locking system for the ultimate security. For windows, Yale’s Encloser Lock on the OW-80 and the Nemesis Lock on the OW-70 offer a great option for those looking to maximise security.

5. Opt for high-grade hinges

High-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel hinges, will also improve your home’s protection against potential intruders. In fact, all of the hinges included as standard with Origin windows have been cycle tested over 50,000 times for ultimate peace of mind.

In addition, hinge guards will block intruders from jemmying the window open along the hinged side, as well as providing optimal weatherproofing.

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