05 Jan 2018

Fairy-tale tree house mirrors quintessential English country garden surroundings


Blue Forest was delighted when it was asked to design and build a fairy-tale tree house in a quintessentially English country garden.

Blue Forest was pleased to present designs for a small children’s tree house, nestled amongst the mature apple tree in the garden. Each element was designed with the context in mind, so that the materials, size and scale would lend itself to the setting and provide a wonderful feature for the garden. Set back in the canopy, the dramatic roof pitch and copper finials subtly appear from the treetop on the approach from the house, providing a secret hideaway for the homeowner’s grandchildren to play. A selection of fun adventure play equipment was incorporated into the compact design to maximise on the play value of the structure; from a fireman’s pole for a quick escape, to a basket and pulley for transporting toys and snacks up to the deck. The structure features an array of beautiful hand-crafted details such as the bay window seat which will provide a cosy space to curl up with a book.


The principle throughout the tree house’s design was to reflect the design aspect of the landscape and the surrounding area, with a predominantly natural timber aesthetic. A stained timber ladder provides access to the tree house leading to a stained timber deck.

The exterior cladding of the tree house consists of red cedar shingles on the roof, with a mixture of vertical cedar cladding and cedar shingles to external walls. European oak framed windows and doors are used throughout. Over the course of their natural weathering, all the timber cladding on the tree houses will weather to a silvery grey colour, blending in naturally with the surrounding vegetation.

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