06 Sep 2021

How to: Update Your Home Surfaces with a Fresh New Look


The surfaces in your home play a key part in its overall look and feel and, as such, they often require a fresh new update from time to time. Interest can be added to interior surfaces through colour, texture and pattern to convey style or personality within a space, says Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager at CTD Tiles.


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With more people becoming braver with their home styles, they are starting to make bold choices when redecorating their current interiors. When it comes to designing a space in your home, choosing the right tile will have an enormous impact on the overall look of the room. With decisions to make between colours, size and placement, bringing your chosen style to life with a true design statement takes careful consideration.

Transform a room with a feature wall

An exciting way to create that wow factor with surfaces is through a feature wall. It’s a design choice that delivers a striking look and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require just one solid block of colour. Any tile or surface can be used to create a feature wall that is distinctive, whether through intricate, detailed tiles or large maximalist patterns.

You can go for plain colours in a soft blue shade that can be used with coordinating patterned tiles for a really unique look; the result creates impact whilst keeping the interior grounded and on-trend.

Create a statement border

This is a great choice for anyone wanting to make a bold impact, and it’s a look that can be achieved with wood, tiles or any material that is seen fit. To create a unique look, consider going for mosaic tiles, which can be cut to any size and used as a border or insert. This type of style can direct the eye to certain areas of the room, providing great contrast when used with plain tiles. Try using a decor tile paired with a contrasting plain tile, as this is guaranteed to bring character to any living space.

Go open-plan with large tiles

Over the years, large-format tiles have become increasingly popular with homeowners, as the significant impact they can make within residential spaces is unparalleled when compared with any other kind of tile on the market – especially when it comes to creating a beautiful open-plan kitchen or dining space.

Bigger tiles can create an enhanced feeling of spaciousness and often are more hygienic too. With fewer grout lines needed, your tiled wall or floor will have less joins, which will make the overall maintenance of the room much easier, as tiles are always easier to clean than the grout itself.

Add interest with texture

As designs have evolved, interior tiles have also become more decorative and interesting, creating endless possibilities for statement walls and floors around the home. One key way to liven up a home is through a three-dimensional surface option. 3D decor tiles will add interest to any kitchen or bathroom setting. With their raised surface, they provide the ultimate backdrop for ceramics or as an eye-catching feature wall to shower rooms. A raised, hexagonal pattern is a great tile choice to showcase a decorative honeycomb effect; it’s a surface that works beautifully with a toned-down colour palette of soft cream. The look can be further enhanced with traditional accessories and wood accents.

Pretty with pattern

There’s no denying that the increasing popularity of patterned and encaustic tiles has taken the interior world by storm. Whether you are updating the floors or walls of your home, a patterned tile will complement spaces with an individual appeal. There has been a particularly big increase in demand for encaustic-inspired ceramic tiles recently; the ornate detailing works beautifully across traditional interior schemes, guaranteeing character and sophistication.

They also work beautifully within modern interiors too; often contemporary-style tiles will encompass a more geometric shape which will complement the scheme beautifully. These tiles can then be paired with bold colour and statement finishes, resulting in a totally eye-catching aesthetic from top to bottom.

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