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08 Mar 2021

Tile Trends That Are Hotting Up in the Kitchen and Bathroom


There’s an abundance of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to tiles – from colours and shapes to patterns and textures.


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Here, we talk to Abbas Youssefi, Director at Porcelain Superstore, for some inspirational trends he’s seeing in the kitchen and bathroom.


The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the family home. And with open-plan kitchens still at the top of most people’s wish lists, large flooring tiles reign supreme.

The beauty of a large tile is they help create a unified feeling throughout open-plan rooms, and truly capitalise on every inch of space – giving an almost palatial feel.

Material is key and fuss-free formats inspired by natural materials remain in demand, and are also credited with creating a warm, neutral backdrop in the heart of the home.

Concrete, wood and slate-inspired porcelain tiles look just as great as the real thing but boast all the benefits of a modern tile; meaning they require minimal maintenance, are easily installed and are also compatible with underfloor heating.

While kitchen flooring remains relatively classic, the same cannot be said for the walls, and we have seen an upturn in the number of homeowners who want to inject a little personality into their kitchens. After all, wall tiles in the kitchen need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

Don’t get me wrong; there will always be a place for traditional kitchen tiles, such as your classic metro. But where these are used, homeowners are going to town with contrasting grouts to make the joints really pop, and are also getting pretty creative with laying patterns. For example, the familiar brick layout often associated with the metro tile is being replaced by a vertical stack.

Shape-wise, more contemporary forms in a wider spectrum of colours are fast climbing the ranks, with chevrons top of the list. Chevron schemes allow homeowners to play with pattern without going all out.

However, it is colour and texture that are the big news in kitchen schemes. Muted shades are giving way to richer, deeper tones – particularly emerald greens and dark blues – as homeowners strive to show off their personalities.

The sheer versatility of white means it will never completely go out of fashion, but we’re seeing homeowners pay closer attention to textured tiles as well as those with subtle marbling and shading throughout.

Bespoke finishes are always in demand, but often out of reach when it comes to cost. One of the biggest pieces of news in tiling in recent years has been the rise of the ‘mixed’ collection – a tile range comprising up to 70 individual tile designs and sold in boxes made up of 20 random tiles.

It’s very unlikely any two orders will be the same, so homeowners can be sure their finished layout will be completely unique to their home.

One final kitchen trend I expect we’ll see on the rise in 2021, is smaller-scale renovations.

For many, 2020 was a tough year financially, and interior budgets may still be limited, which means I expect a lot of attention to be paid to smaller spaces, such as splashbacks.

Here, homeowners are going for really vibrant patterns and colours; this allows the rest of the space to remain relatively simple while adding a real punch of personality without breaking tight budgets.


There is nothing subtle about tile trends when it comes to the bathroom.

Patterned tiles are massive right now, and they are a way of taking a very functional room and truly upping the style stakes. And because the bathroom is a room that isn’t on show all of the time, homeowners feel more confident in experimenting here with bolder designs, more outlandish patterns and textured combinations.

Colour-wise, clinical grey is well on the way out, and in its place – as in the kitchen – there is a demand for deeper shades.

Rather surprising to some perhaps is the love of pink when it comes to bathroom styling. Forget sugary shades more associated with Barbie – dusky pinks combine beautifully with standard white fixtures to create an elegant and sophisticated space. To cement the grown-up styling, add a plethora of luscious greenery for a preppy look that pops.

We’re seeing a lot of homeowners combine tiles of different colours, shapes and sizes to really bring to life this often smallest of spaces.

Texture is a really smart way of adding interest and as well as luxe finishes such as mirror effects and marbling, we’re going to see a boom in more distressed, tactile tiles.

Tile designers and manufacturers are adopting more advanced techniques to really push the boundaries, and we’re increasingly seeing more collections combining a mixture of textures.

Overall, most homeowners have been working at home for a year and there is now a real desire to make their surroundings shine.

More people are investing in their space and creating a home that truly reflects their personality, rather than playing it safe, and it’s a trend that we are seeing increasingly across our social media channels as proud homeowners show off their finished projects.

Without doubt, homeowners are getting a lot braver in their tile choices and mixing different styles for a truly unique finish.

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