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07 Dec 2020

05 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Wood Flooring Measures Up


Wood flooring is the ideal choice for any room of the home that will make a striking and lasting impression. Once you’re ready to make your purchase, it’s important to measure up, as knowing how many square metres of space you need to cover will help when it comes to working out the cost of the flooring.


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Here are The Natural Wood Floor Co.’s five quick steps to measuring your floor for real wood flooring.

1. Do the maths

For square rooms, calculate the area of the room by multiplying the width by the length.

2. Make it easy

If your room is L-shaped, simply divide the room into two easy-to-measure rectangle areas. Measure the lengths and widths of each space and multiply them by each other.

3. Convert it

Measuring in feet and inches? Follow the first step to get the area and divide the total by 10.76. This will convert square feet into square metres.

4. Plan ahead

Allow for wastage – between 5 to 10% for a board or strip floor, or between 7 to 15% if you’re opting for parquet woodblocks, the waste allowance is for unusable offcuts. Please note, there are more offcuts when the rooms are smaller or of an intricate shape.

5. Use supplier tools

You can input the room measurements into the price calculator on each product page of The Natural Wood Floor Co.’s website to see the price of your chosen flooring.

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