12 Oct 2020

The Latest and Greatest in Kitchen Worktop Trends


Kitchen worktops and surfaces are often what guests notice first when they walk into a kitchen. They can really set the design tone for the entire room, providing continuity and cohesion and helping to tie together all the various elements within the space, so getting it right is essential for success in any self-build or kitchen renovation.


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Here, Nick Jones, Sales Leader Wilsonart UK & Ireland, the market leader for laminate kitchen surfaces, details the trends taking the worktop market by storm right now and some top tips on how to achieve them in your own project.

Natural elements

One of the biggest interior trends that is dominating not just our kitchens and surfaces but all corners of our living spaces is biophilia, which brings our innate appreciation and connection to nature and its positive influence on our wellness into the design of our homes. Bringing natural textures and influences into key living areas helps create a sense of calm, with an interior hideaway that feels far removed from the ‘always-on’ way of modern life. Since we spend so much of our home life in the kitchen and surrounding living spaces, incorporating wood textures, earthy tones and naturally-inspired materials helps us to feel a reconnection with nature. Using or replicating materials, such as wood or stone, in kitchen worktops are a great way to bring an element of the outdoors into our homes and, as a result, can bring about positive changes to our mood and wellbeing. Placing a natural wood or stone-inspired worktop on a desirable slimmer profile is a fast and easy way to update a kitchen with a biophilic aesthetic. With a square edge laminate product, it is easy to achieve the look of dressed wood with a practical, affordable and easy-to-fit material.

Timeless and luxurious marbles

The enduring beauty of marble has been appreciated for thousands of years and continues to be synonymous with style and elegance. Statement surfaces do all the talking in this trend, but they don’t necessarily have to break the bank. An effective and premium-looking marble surface can now be achieved using laminate, with innovative surface brands interpreting the most contemporary and in-demand finishes in a way that has never been seen before. Laminate options are also a more practical choice for the demands of the modern-day kitchen as they are resistant to heat, stains and the impacts of domestic cleaning products.

Larger veining is a more popular trend among larger, open spaces as it looks expansive on worktops and wrapped around islands. For more compact kitchens, smaller veining is the better choice as the intricacies of the design can be better appreciated. Marble is most commonly seen in a statement, classic white but black options are now rising in popularity among those looking to create a more rich colour palette in the kitchen. A seamless and impactful finished result can be achieved by matching the marble finish used on surfaces and islands with the kitchen splashback.


The clean and cosy vibes of Scandinavia form the basis of the Scandi-style trend. Inspired by the Danish expression ‘Hygge,’ Scandi-style is an attitude that shuns drudging miserably through long Nordic winters in favour of embracing warmth, cosiness, family and mindfulness. Those notions are realised in light, bright spaces with warm white and grey palettes, soft fibres, pale woods and nostalgic, reclaimed accessories for an overall look that marries rustic farmhouse with mid-century modern. The Scandi-style can be easily incorporated into the kitchen space through worktops that celebrate the appealing look and character of natural woodgrains.


The latest kitchen worktop trends for home renovations and self-build projects are not exclusive to beautiful aesthetics. Unsurprisingly, products that prioritise hygiene in the home are more sought-after than ever, and kitchen surface brands are now incorporating hygiene-focused technologies into worktops to provide a safer kitchen landscape with which to cook, eat, work and entertain from. There are now worksurface options that can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in just 24 hours by using a high-pressure laminate that features resins incorporated into the material during the production process. These resins guarantee the surface a lifetime of anti-bacterial protection and, as they are completely free from nano-particles, there is absolutely no danger to humans or the environment. Thankfully, these practical innovations do not have to come at the expense of style, and there are anti-bacterial worktop solutions available that perfectly emulate the look and feel of real stone, wood and marble whilst remaining affordable and achievable for all kitchen projects

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