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11 Sep 2020

8 Helpful Renovation Tips for Home-builders


With lockdown restrictions lifting and the property sector starting to ramp back up, home-builders and developers will be looking for opportunities, especially with the news that the Government has changed stamp duty rates with zero to pay up to £500,000.


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With this in mind, Attic Self Storage – which is rolling out new locations, including Marylebone to help create space as more of us are repurposing our homes – has teamed up with celebrity organisers, the Style Sisters, to provide their top tips for those looking to improve or renovate their homes.

By celebrity organisers, the Style Sisters:

1. Colours:

Create happy colours
Everybody has their own favourite colours that can help them feel happy, positive and relaxed. Warm colours can evoke different emotions while cool and bright colours can create different feelings to muted tones. Before bringing colour into your home, do an assessment. Use crayons, felt tips or paints to draw swatches and write down what mood each hue evokes. You can paint/draw on paper or a plain roll of wallpaper to do this. You can use this as a basis to choose colours to boost moods all over the home.

2. Organisation:

Behind closed doors
Many of us can have tidy homes on the surface; however, behind closed doors, there is lots of clutter. We cannot stress enough how decluttering your wardrobe and cupboards make our clients feel instantly better. Usually, 50% of items can get taken to the charity shops, or can be sold. Make space for the things you love. We recommend buying storage boxes to categorise and contain items. For example, keeping books in one category, work items, arts and crafts, stationery, finances etc. This also helps you find things quickly.

3. Nature:

Bring nature into your home
Bring nature into your home with natural woods, stones and plants, to create tranquillity that helps you feel refreshed and revived. There is a fantastic range of indoor plants which you can hang off shelves or decorate tables – and wall plants are becoming popular. For those of you who have busy schedules or aren’t particularly green-fingered, fake plants can work just as well. Also, consider crystals; for example, clear quartz can help energise and activate chakras; lapis lazuli can help cleanse and purify the body, and amethyst is known as one of the most effective healing crystals.

4. Lighting:

Add decorative lighting
Decorative lighting is an easy way to spruce up your bedroom and wardrobe space. From adding lights to the edges of your wardrobes to the borders of your doors, placed in glass vases, shelves or inside of your wardrobes, lights can create a haven with these simple touches. They are also affordable, with many supermarkets and major retailers offering different ranges of lighting.

By Frederic de Ryckman de Betz, CEO at Attic Self Storage

5. Money:

Getting your finances in order
Starting out as an accountant, budgeting is important for any project before making a financial commitment. List all of the jobs you need to be done and ask for quotes from tradesmen/suppliers (not estimates) and check their customer reviews to make sure you are getting the best quality. Ideally, it’s best to save instead of borrow; however, if you do need to get a loan/remortgage, make sure you compare the best repayment plans; also to save, look into the Government’s Green Homes Grant where you can apply for financial vouchers for energy-saving refurbs.

6. Layout:

Creating your floor plans
We always start with floor plans before rolling out new storage facilities. For the home, there are several tools available online that can be used to give you an idea of what the build might look like in real life. Look into sites like Floorplanner and RoomSketcher that let you create mockups. The former tool is free, and you can create many parts of your home such as your garden, office, etc. and furnish your plans with their library of objects. If you don’t have access to a computer or prefer the traditional way, you can’t go wrong with good old graph paper to create a floor plan.

7. Equipment:

Heavy tools
If you are looking for ways to store your tools safely while building/renovating, consider purchasing a safety deposit box. Whether you’re working on a project with expensive building equipment; or with heavy tools etc., moving them back and forth to the site can be extremely difficult and storing them in a vehicle can put you at risk of theft. They can be attached to the building site securely and conveniently.

8. Furniture:

Store furniture and seasonal items
Many developers and home stylists use self-storage. This can be to store show furniture if they flip properties, store seasonal items or with many people micro-living/liking a more contemporary and less cluttered look – self-storage can help save on ample space. Also, with many people now living in apartments with no garage, attic or garden space – storage units save on the cost of a larger property and can be accessed 24/7 for convenience.

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