11 Aug 2020

What’s On-trend in Staircase Design?


Eric Nicholls, Managing Director at bespoke staircase manufacturer Spiral UK, shares the latest staircase design trends that are leading the way in architects, interior designers’ and homeowners’ choices for staircases in the home.


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Creating that stylish interior design feature

When it comes to creating a stylish feature piece in the home, staircases are a popular choice. From modern new-build settings to more traditional home renovation projects, a staircase can really enhance the interior design of a property. What is popular is always changing, so here you can discover the latest trends and styles to make the stunning staircase you are looking for.

Smooth flowing curves

The lavish film set helical or curved staircase is really leading the way in the latest luxury property developments. The smooth flowing curves that a staircase of this type can give make a beautiful impact and can be subtle or stand-out depending on the features and finishes you require.

Unlike spiral stairs, curved staircases don’t have a central core pole; instead, they follow a graceful arc creating a beautiful centrepiece in the home. The radius on this style of staircase’s treads is often wider, making them easier to use, but it’s worth noting this design is often a more expensive option.

Modern floating styles

Cantilever or floating staircases have been popular for a while, and they are still an enduring choice when it comes to contemporary new-build properties. The key consideration with this staircase design is ensuring that the staircase can be supported within the building structure. It is common for cantilever stair designs to have their stringers concealed within a wall, so it looks like the open riser treads are floating. These modern staircases are often chosen when homeowners wish to make the most of natural light. With the right balustrade, the open treads can help diffuse light between floors.

Bold balustrade

Spiral staircases are particularly suited to the latest sculptural balustrade trend where the balustrade is full height and either powder-coated panels or clad in plasterboard or timber. These styles are not for the faint-hearted as they obscure sight whilst on the stair and although great for partitioning, they don’t encourage the flow of light. What they do is make a statement, giving a dramatic sculptural S-shape to the ever-versatile spiral staircase design.

Matching materials for seamless effect

Currently, the preference is for stone, concrete or timber treads that can be colour matched to walls and floors to ensure a seamless finish to the interior design.

Powder coating is becoming common for steel structures. Last year, grey was the new black, but bronze is now making a comeback particularly for renovation and refurbishment projects where staircases that suit traditional interiors are required.

Simple symmetry and proportion

Staircases with vintage Art Deco and modest Georgian styles that suit listed building renovations are currently in demand. These stairs normally have ornate finishes with painted spindles for the balustrade, timber handrails and stone-clad steps. Whether you want the latest contemporary look for your staircase or a more traditional design, the type of staircase you choose may have structural implications for your build, so it is always worth discussing your ideas with an expert early in the planning process.

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