04 Feb 2020

Why home renovators and self-builders are opting for LVT

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is seeing enormous growth in the UK, growing at a faster rate than any other type of flooring. LVTs have been around for several decades, but it’s only really now that the UK consumer is catching on to the many benefits they can offer beyond traditional styles of flooring.


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A man-made product, mainly from PVC and commonly 2.5mm-thick, LVTs replicate the look of natural products such as wood, stone and ceramic floors. The higher quality manufacturers guarantee their products to be 100% phthalate-free, gaining minimal VOC emission ratings.

With modern digital printing technology, the higher quality manufacturers’ products uncannily replicate the look of the natural products they mimic. To enhance LVTs’ authenticity further, some manufacturers can even produce an embossed finish which follows the grain in wood designs. The finished look of such LVTs is staggering.

Bespoke designs

An additional bonus with LVTs is your ability to create a truly unique, bespoke design. Logos, herringbone, chevron, motifs, mixing wood effect side by side to stone effect, creating visual flooring walkways are just some ideas of what you can easily create with LVTs.


…is probably LVTs’ strongest point. No flooring product is totally indestructible, but LVTs are probably the closest you can get. Waterproof, pet-friendly, dimensionally stable and even childproof; it’s the magical wear layer that defines an LVT product’s durability.

In a residential setting, a 0.3mm wear layer will give you a heavy domestic wear rating, but the best quality manufacturers tend to have a larger design collection with products that carry a 0.55mm wear layer which incredibly gives you a heavy commercial wear rating.

You do need to treat an LVT with a little respect, however. Assuming you can drag sharp, heavy objects across an LVT floor will potentially lead to scratching. You need to be sensible with an LVT floor, and if you are, you will get years and years of life from it with no loss in its appearance nor wear.

Low maintenance for busy, high traffic areas

If you lead a life that consists of working long hours, a long commute, after-school clubs and the like, the last thing you want is a floor that demands high maintenance. This is a major plus in LVTs’ armoury. Once an LVT has been installed, all you have to worry about is regular vacuuming/brushing and a wash with a damp cloth every so often. Typically, if you have pets, youngsters and a clumsy partner, a daily vacuum and a weekly wash will suffice.


All respectable LVT manufacturers offer warranties in some shape or form. Anything from 10 years to lifetime manufacturer-backed warranties is what you should be expecting to receive.

That’s as impressive as it is reassuring for a commodity that takes a daily pounding.

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Manufacturers worth considering:

Amtico, Berry Alloc, Cavalio, Polyflor, Quick-Step, Lamett

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