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05 May 2021

Wondrous Wall Panelling

This month, we’ve taken to Instagram to hunt down the most inspirational wall panelling ideas. Here, we talk to the creative minds behind some of the channel’s favourite DIY panelling and ask for their advice on doing your own designs.


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Jessica & Rikki Brown

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“When designing your panelling, ensure that the rails and stiles look in proportion with the rest of the space. The spacing of the rails and stiles needs to be equal to achieve perfect symmetry across the wall. Adding an additional decorative quadrant gives the panelling more depth in between the panels.

“Choosing the correct materials is an essential part, as this will help achieve a better finish when decorated. We chose to use Medite moisture-resistant MDF with water-based paint, which we sprayed to give it a flawless finish.”

Freya & James Hunt

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“We’ve panelled many areas in our home and used a couple of different methods – depending on the condition of the wall behind. With old period homes, walls often aren’t straight, and the wall texture is not always smooth enough to simply affix the beading straight on. In these instances, such as in our hallway (pictured), the simplest way to achieve a smooth surface is to buy large sheets of backing board (we used 3mm hardboard), which offered a nice smooth finish for the large internal sections of panelling. We then used 9mm-thick MDF to create the inner frame (which we bought pre-cut to required lengths for ease). We then finished off the panelling with long horizontal pieces of wood (at dado rail level). We actually found that door architrave works well for these horizontal lengths – it provides a smart and classic finish. Also, it juts out a little from the wall, so it is perfect for balancing prints and artwork (great for styling and faffing for Instagram purposes!).”

Frankie Beeby

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“This is such a fun project to do and achieve. My advice to others would be to ensure each panel is cut accordingly by a professional when you order the wood panels, as it made the whole process a lot harder for me – especially doing it on my own. I had to saw each individual panel down to size, including around the plug sockets, so just bear in mind that you might face obstructions on the wall you will be panelling. Also, remember to measure from the ceiling to the skirting board all the way across. As I did not keep the exact measurement consistency across the whole wall, I had to sand each piece down even further!”

Alex Richards

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“When buying the wood from a builder’s yard, ask them to cut it up to the required lengths for you using their big circular saw. You obviously need to take super-accurate measurements with you and have a very clear plan drawn up beforehand, of course. But, not only will you save yourself bags of time and the hard sawing work, you will also ensure all of the cuts are exactly 90º, which saves a lot of headaches further down the line if the pieces don’t line up perfectly!”

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