23 Jun 2022

Tips For Achieving A Successful Kitchen Extension and What To Consider From The Start

Home improvements have seen a real increase in the two years since the pandemic started and are still proving incredibly popular. This often includes kitchen extensions in all shapes and sizes as they are great ways to add value to your home, add the wow factor with multiple uses and create extra space without having to move, writes William Durrant, Owner of Herringbone Kitchens.


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There is no rule for how big or small you have to go to fit in the kitchen of your dreams; however, when you start to consider your space, budget and needs, ensure it fits with your family situation and lifestyle now and in the future. There are different kinds of extensions; however, the most popular are usually broken down into small and large, open-plan as well as glass extensions. The main elements to consider for each are the following.

Small kitchen extensions

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With a small kitchen extension, it’s all about maximising space. When it comes to your work surface, make sure you invest in items that don’t take up too much space, such as a Quooker tap and/or an induction hob for ease of cleaning and additional work space. What’s more, make sure you create a light space to make the area seem bigger, so go for a light-coloured worktop and work with the light in the room.

Large, open-plan kitchen extensions

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Open-plan extensions are very impressive and make for a lovely social space. What is important is that you consider the airflow, so make sure you get a powerful extractor, such as a Bora downdraft hob/extractor, for cleanliness. Also, islands are almost essential to these spaces because they join the rooms together and add sociable seating. Bespoke units, such as breakfast bars or pantry larders, add storage, style and impact to open-plan areas. It is all about considering how you use the space daily and making it work for you.

Glass kitchen extensions

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Glass kitchen extensions are major features in homes, so you want to make them stand out but also functional. Flooring is essential here. Make sure you go for a continuous flow to the external area, so the inside and outside are joined as one. You can also be bold with colour choice due to the light in the room, making it possible to go for dark statement colours such as black cabinetry. Planning for any project is, of course, essential, therefore, when it comes to planning a kitchen extension, consider the following:

•  Research: When starting your kitchen extension design process, gathering ideas and inspiration always gives the best outcome. Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to find and save inspiring images that will give you a better idea of how you imagine your kitchen to look.

•  Planning: When planning an extension, visit your kitchen designer with your plans after you have had your planning permission accepted. This should avoid the need to compromise on your design later on, and your designer will be able to provide your builder with drawings of your kitchen design.

•  Mood boards: When meeting with your designer, provide them with as much information as possible about the space and what you want to achieve with the design. Pinterest inspiration boards will help you to visualise the project better and communicate the overall mood you want to evoke with your scheme.

•  Don’t forget lighting: When planning lighting for your kitchen, look at the space you have and think about how much light it gets throughout the day. If the space is lacking in natural light, there are some lovely options for introducing light in the places you need it.

•  Layout: When planning your layout, think about the time you spend in your kitchen and what you want to use the space for. Make sure the layout considers all of your needs and is functional for everyone using the space.

•  Colour: When choosing colours, handles and tiles, go with your instinct and choose something you love. When choosing paint colours or wallpaper, paint big samples and put them on the wall. You’ll be able to see how the colour changes through the day, and you will get a better feel for it.

It is difficult to estimate exactly how much a kitchen extension will be as it completely depends on the size of the extension and the age of the property, as well as whether you are going for a bespoke kitchen or off the shelf. Above all, enjoy the creative process and focus on creating a space that makes you feel good and that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Kitchens are for living in, after all.

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