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12 Feb 2021

12 Fantastic Benefits of Working from Home in a Garden Office

Thinking of working from home more often, but need a new space to make a perfect office? Here are 12 reasons to build that space in your own garden.


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In September 2020, it was reported by finder.com that 60% of the UK’s adult population were working from home.

Many of these will be working from bedrooms, kitchen and dining room tables, or even an office somewhere in their main property, but there has also been a rise in popularity for the garden office. But what makes garden offices, or shed offices as some specialists call them, such a great option when working from home?

Below, English Heritage Buildings has given just a few of the fantastic benefits you’ll discover when you choose to add a garden office to your property.

1. You’ll enjoy the freedom

When you work from home, you’re likely to find that any rules you had in the office can be relaxed. You may choose to wear more casual clothes, take lunch at a different time, or even take regular breaks that you may not have been able to while in the company office. A garden office lets you take control of your schedule, so you can have a little more freedom while still doing your job.

2. You’ll save money

By cutting out your commute, you’ll also be saving money which would normally be put towards travel expenses, such as the price on train tickets or petrol. This can then be put towards other things.

3. You won’t have a lengthy commute

Having your own garden office takes away the time you’d normally spend commuting. This means you get to choose whether to arrive at work early and get more done for your job, or arrive exactly on time and have a more relaxed start to your morning.

4. You can customise your space

When you choose to build an office space in your garden, you can make sure it’s built exactly as you want it. Many construction firms are happy to offer bespoke designs for outbuildings, built to your specifications, and once you’ve bought and built your very own, you’ll be able to decorate the space to suit your tastes.

This can be kept as simple or made to be as elaborate as you wish, so you can paint the walls any colour you like, set up shelves with books or find spaces for plants as you see fit.

5. It still separates your work life and home life

By having a home office a little bit away from the rest of the house, you can still separate your work life and your home life. You’re more likely to relax, unwind and spend time with friends and loved ones indoors, and you’ll be less tempted to have a quick check of your emails late in the evening if your work computer is out in the garden.

6. You can make the most of peace and quiet

We know that sometimes offices can become crowded, noisy places, which don’t always offer you the quiet space you need to hear yourself think when concentrating. By adding a garden office to your property, you’ll be the only employee around and can make the most of the peaceful atmosphere. You can even have music if you’d still prefer some background noise, and this can be at a volume which suits you best.

7. It’s eco-friendly

When you cut out your commute, you’ll be making your own carbon footprint smaller. This is because it reduces the amount of pollution your car will be contributing to the atmosphere, and if many workers in your area have the same idea as you, it could help to reduce the number of cars on the road in general.

8. You can have your office ready in no time

Many garden buildings, especially if they’re made from oak or timber frames, can be put together in a short amount of time. In some cases, such as when buying from firms that supply building kits, you may be completely in charge of the installation process. This means that you’ll be able to set your own deadline from the moment the work has been signed off and delivered to you.

9. It’s a more professional look

Having a home office is often more impressive to clients and customers than sitting at a desk in your bedroom, or at the dining table. It makes you appear more professional, and can often become a more productive space as a result.

10. It helps improve your health and wellbeing

Research has shown that having a separate workspace greatly improves your wellbeing and lifestyle. For instance, it may end up improving your sleep quality by getting you out of your bedroom, because research has shown that working where you sleep allows your body to start associating that space with being awake. This makes you take longer to ‘switch off’ and go to sleep when you need to.

By having an office in your home, you’re also more likely to be sitting at a desk, which will help to improve your posture.

11. You won’t need planning permission

It may be a relief to know that most garden buildings, including home offices, will not normally require planning permission. There are some occasions when they will, such as if they are over 3m in height or over 15m2 in floor area, but these can easily be avoided when building your own space.

To avoid the hassle and frustration of applying for planning permission, you should always check the requirements against the specifications you have planned. This can be done by speaking with your local planning authority.

12. You can add value to your home

Studies have shown that adding and maintaining an outbuilding can add up to 5% onto the value of the overall property. This is something to consider, if you ever plan on selling your house.

Plan your garden office with professional contractors

By speaking with an experienced firm, you may be able to plan out and purchase your perfect garden office at a budget-friendly cost, using a material that can be built into a stylish space in the shortest amount of time. There is a myriad of reputable names just waiting to offer you garden offices across the UK. All you need to do is find the one that suits you best.

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