19 Mar 2020

Choosing the right rainwater system

When deciding on a rainwater system, there’s more than the cost to take into consideration if you want to achieve a high-performing, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing system for your home. Here are five tips for choosing gutters and downpipes.


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Size matters

A rainwater system must offer optimum functionality to protect your home from the ingress of water. Calculate the flow rate of water from the roof and, if necessary, choose a larger gutter to cope with the capacity of water, preventing overspill.

Style of project

Carry the style of your project through to your rainwater system. With a wide selection of profiles, colours and finishes available on the market, it should be simple to choose a system to suit your house. Ask for product samples from your supplier.

Research material choice

Do research on which material suits the environment your building is in. For example, a location by the sea will require a system that won’t erode with the exposure to the salt in the atmosphere.

Check with your local council to see if you are in a heritage area and if there are any material restrictions.

Durable and low maintenance

Save time and money in the future by adding a long-lasting rainwater system (some can offer 30+ years service) and are maintenance-free – bar periodical clearing out.

Environmental considerations

Think about the recyclability of your new rainwater system and consider those manufactured from sustainable materials.

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