10 Jul 2018

Should you consider bi-folding doors?


In the last three or four decades, the way we live has changed dramatically. Here, Ray Murphey of Fold N Go discusses the important role bi-folding doors play in today’s self-build designs.

The average family home isn’t the same as it was 30 or 40 years ago for many of us. A lot of these changes are solely to do with the layout of our homes and how they’ve been adapted to make life easier. Many of the most significant changes are found in the kitchen and dining room areas. One of the most modern additions to the household is the bi-folding door system. By its own design, a union between indoors and outdoors.

The introduction of these doors to a kitchen or dining area has, in many ways, transformed the usability of this part of the owner’s property, becoming the hub of the household.

Not only does the addition of bi-folding doors allow you to open up the rear of your property directly into the garden in the spring and summer months, they also offer exceptional thermal values for the winter months too.

Functionality is a point often raised when considering the overall benefits of bi-folding systems. There are a few points which need to be considered.

How user-friendly are they?

The answer, in short, is very. They are mounted on rollers, top and bottom, which ensures that the occupants of the household can use them with great ease. Access can be provided with an opening door at one end of the bi-fold or in the middle. When fully opened, the doors stack in a concertina style to provide maximum width.

How energy-efficient are they?

Efficiency of bi-folding doors is of the utmost importance to the manufacturers. In almost all cases bi-folding doors are A** rated and certified 0.9U rating – providing the same insulation rating as a double glazed window.

Do I need planning permission?

No, unless you are planning to install your bi-folding doors onto the front of your home, it is not required.

With these points taken into consideration, it is clear that bi-folding doors can truly transform any room from a box to a spacious family area for eating or entertainment – the perfect family hub for all to appreciate. Even in the winter months sitting in a warm kitchen looking out at the cold exterior, a wall of glass is a cosy feeling for all.

In short, bi-folds have transformed so many thousands of homes, the benefits are hard to ignore.

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