13 Feb 2018

Top three benefits of designing and building your own package home


Over 13,000 of us complete a self-build project every year in the UK. But, out of those 13,000 people, only a fraction have a real, tangible experience of building a home from scratch.

Enter package home suppliers. As well as offering a super-efficient self-build process, the best package builders have a large team of experts that are always on hand to guide you through the entire process. So, whether you’re a self-build expert or new to the game, here are Oliver Grimshaw’s – Head of UK Sales at Hanse Haus UK – top three benefits to designing and building your own pre-manufactured home.

You’re in control of the decisions

In contrast to traditional methods – which to a greater extent rely on decision-making on-the-fly – package homes are all about removing the variables early on by using more precise planning and a large team of experts. No more ‘rock-and-a-hard-place’ decisions midway through the build!


Of the price

As the design and specification details are addressed and costed in the early stages, the price of a package home is fixed before it’s delivered meaning there are no nasty surprises or unsuspecting costs mid-construction. Your package supplier is on hand to advise you on how to create the best, most cost-effective and energy-efficient home possible. Their invaluable expertise, gained from numerous previous projects, means they’re able to offer clear, concise advice and make sure your design meets your budget.

Of your time

Being fully constructed to pre-defined specifications off site means that every element, from the highly-insulated walls, ceilings and windows, is assembled by a team of specialists in the factory away from our typically erratic weather, removing the need for numerous tradespeople to work around each other on site. Once delivered, a pre-manufactured home has a far shorter build cycle – new homes are commonly erected and watertight in just three days. Homes are commonly completed and handed over to their new owners with every detail fully finished to exacting standards in just 12 to 16 weeks.


Of the design

You have the opportunity to specify every last detail of your project, to create a completely bespoke home, tailor-made to your exact specifications. You can often choose from a company’s standard designs, or select certain qualities from ‘catalogue styles’. Most pre-manufacturing companies are also happy to work in partnership with your own architect, if you choose.

You’re relaxed

Most package home suppliers will appoint your very own self-build partner, who will be single point of contact, guiding you through the lifecycle of the build. Many of our own self-build partners have a deep knowledge across several fields including architecture, design, building codes and regulations, planning permission and sustainable technology, making them a valuable partner throughout the process.

Ultimately, having an expert on hand can help to relieve the many pressures of building a new home and ensure the process remains as positive and exciting as it should be.

You’re building for the future

It’s true, pre-manufactured homes can be up to 15% more expensive than those built with traditional methods. That said, in many cases, the higher initial costs can be balanced out by a shortened build programme (cutting costs associated with road closures, temporary rentals, etc) and dramatically reduced energy and maintenance costs. Pre-manufactured homes have now shed their post-war image and have been reinvented as sustainable, low-energy, technologically-advanced and future-proof alternatives to traditional building methods. Opting to partner with a package supplier ensures a new home will be designed and built to suit your unique lifestyle and will be delivered, stress free, on time and on budget.


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