05 Jan 2018

Create extra space in your home with a loft conversion


Roof windows bring in more natural daylight that can transform a loft area into a new bright, fresh living space. Here, VELUX offers its top 10 tips on selecting roof windows for your loft conversion.

It’s recommended that your glazing in the roof takes up an area equal to 15 to 20% of the floor space to help make the new room feel even more spacious, and provide you and your family with a more comfortable home environment.

So with that in mind, here are VELUX's top 10 tips to help you create your stunningly light, bright and airy loft conversion.

Tip 1

Realise your room’s full daylight potential
Being clever with design.

The more roof windows you install (and the bigger they are), the more natural daylight you will enjoy in your loft space. More than just the quantity, the positioning of your roof windows will also affect the amount of light that can enter the room. So make sure you speak to your architect or builder about making the most of the daylight in your new space.

Tip 2

More white means more light
Where style meets function.

VELUX white-painted roof windows help reflect even more daylight into your space. They also complement other white windows in your property, creating a smart, contemporary and unified look.

That's why our roof windows come with two different white finishes to suit your needs:
• White painted – our white-painted finish gives a stylish and natural look that’s perfect for new living spaces, bathrooms and bedrooms that can result from converting loft space.
• White polyurethane (PU) – a wooden core encased in a special polyurethane coating for a durable and moisture-resistant finish. Ideal for humid rooms such as bathrooms.

Tip 3

Maximising your ventilation
The difference fresh air can make.

Ensuring you have proper and adequate ventilation in your newly converted space is another hugely important consideration when planning your loft conversion.

Well-designed, natural ventilation replaces stuffy, stale air with fresh air from the outside, which makes for a more comfortable environment. It also helps the flow of cooler air through the house, which reduces overheating.

If you are using your loft space as a bathroom or en-suite, then proper, effective ventilation is even more important.

Roof windows can help you create a more comfortable indoor climate and a space you and your family will want to spend time in.

Tip 4

Creating a more comfortable loft conversion
Be in complete control of your new living environment.

Top-hung roof windows that open outwardly to give unobstructed views are ideal for loft conversions, giving you a smart and simple way to add more daylight and more fresh air to your new space.

Tip 5

As well as considering how and where daylight enters, the internal finishes you incorporate are also important. Light-coloured walls, ceilings and floors all bounce and reflect daylight into areas that might normally be quite dark.

Tip 6

Stay in control of light, heat and privacy
VELUX roof windows bring warmth and light into your loft conversion. Controlling these elements is key to creating an ideal indoor climate and optimum comfort.

Our range of blackout and energy blinds and shutters allow you to take complete control of the amount of light, heat and privacy in your loft conversion.

VELUX awning blinds are easily installed to the outside of your roof window and diffuse the sun's rays before they hit the pane.

You can soften incoming light and add some colour to complement your interiors with VELUX pleated blinds. VELUX blinds can also be a great choice for the design of your bedroom or bathroom, with our easy-to-clean Venetian blinds. The VELUX pleated blind is an elegant way to provide privacy while bathing your room in a pleasant, soft light.

Tip 7

Making your loft conversion a comfortable place of peace and calm
Feel, hear and see the difference.

Your new space can be whatever you want it to be. A new living room, bedroom or deluxe bathroom. Whatever function your new space takes, VELUX roof windows can help make the space more comfortable, peaceful and calm.

Tip 8

Research is key
There are several glazing options available to suit your specific needs.

If you live near a motorway, airport or any other loud area, then consider VELUX enhanced noise reduction glazing.

For a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate, where you optimise heat gain and minimise heat loss, consider VELUX energy efficiency glazing.

Tip 9

The earlier you plan for more light, the better
We can’t stress enough how important it is to bring in a good professional as early as possible. Not only will they steer your project from start to finish, and work within your budget to help you get the loft conversion you want, but they’ll also come up with ideas that you might not have considered.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider:
• Work out your budget
Sounds obvious but it’s vital to look at all aspects of your project and work out how much you have to spend. You should allow a 15% contingency to cover any surprises.

• Find professional help
Ask friends and family for a recommendation of an architect or builder - you should then check to see whether or not they’ve got past experience with loft conversion projects. Useful websites for finding architects and builders are:

Tip 10

Set a time frame
This will help you manage your expectations and, more importantly, your budget.

Take the next step...

We hope we’ve given you lots of inspiration and ideas on how adding more natural daylight with VELUX roof windows can make a world of difference to your loft conversion.


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