Andrew Reardon, Senior Selfbuild Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, highlights the risks of site thefts and offers some handy advice on how to reduce them.

To avoid unwanted delays to your self-build project, your application process must be ‘by the book’. Steven Pearson, Planning Consultant and Legal Author at legislation analyst Cedrec, outlines some essential guidance for the application procedure.

A recent survey by design inspiration platform Houzz has unveiled UK self-build and renovation habits, including what percentage of home-improvers work alongside professionals and for which aspects of their project.

29 Sep 2015
Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner, Louise Hosking – Director at Hosking Associates – explains why new regulations enforced earlier this year place greater responsibility on homeowners to ensure project health and safety standards are being met.

Before you even consider planning the structure of your new self-build home, the first hurdle is finding somewhere to build it.

If you are renovating or converting your listed building, the process can sometimes seem rather overwhelming. So to assist in the process, period property expert the Listed Property Owners Club has put together some top tips to help document your property challenge.

While building your own home is an exciting prospect, navigating the complexities of the British planning process can be a real turn-off for many prospective self-builders. Steve Mansour, Group CEO at insurance expert CRL, talks you through the process to ease your concerns.

Brian Kilroy, Business Development Manager at BLP Insurance, welcomes the Government’s funding incentives for self-builders’ construction costs in London, but says that local authorities need to lend a helping hand.

02 Apr 2015
The Government is keen to support and encourage individuals and communities who want to build their own homes and is taking proactive steps to stimulate the growth of the self-build market.

Although a bright and attractive plant, Japanese knotweed is well known for wreaking havoc on building sites, often causing structural damage and costly eradication fees, as well as jeopardising your mortgage eligibility.

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