Swimming ponds are increasingly becoming an alternative solution to conventional swimming pools. Tim Evans, Director of UK leading swimming pond provider Garternart gives some guidance to those self-builders considering a swimming pond.
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Yeoman Rainguard’s XL Aluminium rainwater systems were chosen for Bridge House, a stunning new build property in Norfolk.
Published in Drainage & Landscaping
Often when starting a new build project, rainwater and eaves systems are not particularly high on the agenda, but ignoring correct specification can have catastrophic effects. Here, Tony Wereszczynski, Technical Director of rainwater system specialist…
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As self-builders will know, there are rules and regulations to follow and consents to obtain when embarking on a project. What you might not know is that for plumbing systems, both installer and homeowner have…
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Innovative thinking offers a new solution to managing water consumption and improving water efficiency for self-builders. Stephen Bates, CEO of water recycling expert Reaqua Systems, explains the technology behind greywater reuse systems.
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