What Does Your Home Say About You? - Say it with CEDRAL Roofs | Facades
Lydia Luxford, an experienced bathroom fitter, is Customer Services Manager at Easy Bathrooms. Here, she offers five tips to overcome plumbing problems when renovating an old house.
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Due to the implications of COVID-19, people have been spending more time inside their homes than ever before. With remote working set to become the ‘new normal’ for many, people’s priorities and property requirements are…
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Spending more time at home can make you consider how well your home currently suits your family and lifestyle. In fact, a survey published by MyJobQuote found that some 71% of us are looking to…
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Homeowners thinking about making improvements to their property whilst stuck indoors can consider a range of enhancements to improve and maximise available space, including conservatories, orangeries and solid roof extensions.
Although planning permission exists in order to protect the UK’s cherished villages, towns and cities, it can often be the cause of enormous frustration. Complete with an often thorny application process and uncertain outcomes, planning…
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In search of something different, Steph and Hugh Craigie utilised their industry experience to navigate their way through planning restrictions and conceptualise a contemporary family home in Aberdeen.
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AGB is urging self-builders to declare their intention to local authorities, as a new law forces councils to help them find suitable land for planning permission.
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