28 Sep 2022

‘Peel & Stick’ Underfloor Heating Variants from Schlüter-Systems

Underfloor heating isn’t a new invention; in fact, the concept was being utilised as far back as Roman times.


Ever-increasing in popularity today, a heating system will bring that added touch of luxury to your tile or stone installation. it’s a particularly welcome feature on a cold morning and helps to keep mould and fungus at bay by drying out any residual moisture.

Offering quick warm-up times, precise time control and recommended for comfort heating in concentrated heating zones, the electric underfloor heating system Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT is a popular choice for homebuilders due to its multitude of features. In addition to heating, it will also offer uncoupling and crack bridging to ensuring that any stresses between the substrate and the tile or stone covering are neutralised, as well as waterproofing properties. For Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-DUO, a special 2mm fleece provides a thermal break making for quicker warm-up, as well as impact sound reduction of up to 13dB. Since launching in 2013, the products have become key players in the construction market.

At Schlüter, we’re always looking for new ways that we can innovate with products that are problem-solving and easy to use. A benefit of hosting training sessions is that we have been able to listen to first-hand feedback from those directly fitting our products. One common theme that we hear consistently is the desire for solutions which will make an installation easier and simpler.

This is where the idea for Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-PS and Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS came about, as the Peel & Stick variants remove the need to use cementitious tile adhesive to bond the membrane to the substrate, simplifying and speeding up the installation process. They provide all of the same benefits as the original DITRA-HEAT/-DUO and are an ideal solution for tiling onto P5 chipboard and other timber substrates.

Featuring a thin layer of pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive on the underside, the membrane bonds firmly to the substrate once pressure has been applied. However, before pressure is applied it can easily be lifted and repositioned. Once pressure has been applied and it is firmly in place, it is immediately load bearing and the heating cables can then be installed.

As no adhesive is required to fix the membrane to the substrate, it is much quicker to install. This also has material savings as well. Exclusively intended for installation on floors in interior areas, the Peel & Stick variants are available in mats or rolls so, depending on the size of the floor, the most suitable option can be used.

Expanding the DITRA-HEAT product range with Peel & Stick variants offers homebuilders choice, particularly for projects using timber substrates. Our Technical Team can offer guidance on other suitable applications.

Simple: A more straightforward installation process

Cleaner: No mixing or spreading of tile adhesive to apply the membrane

Quicker: Speedy installation and can move straight onto the next part of the project

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