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06 Apr 2021

Carpet Stain Removal (red wine etc.) with Dr. Schutz Floor Mate

Stains on carpets and rugs like red wine stains are a frequent problem, especially when they are difficult, or even impossible to remove. For such situations Dr. Schutz has developed Floor Mate, the effective stain remover for all kinds of stains on textile surfaces.


With Floor Mate you can easily remove stains like red wine stains or mustard stains. You have to dab any spilled liquid with a paper towel as quickly as possible to soak it up. Then spray Floor Mate with active oxygen onto a clean cloth and dab the stain inwards from the outside.

Thereafter neutralise the cleaned spot with water and dry the area with the cloth and spread the fibres of the carpet afterwards – that’s all! Floor Mate dissolves the stain right into the last fibre and leaves only a clean smell after removing it.

Floor Mate is the fast and easy stain remover for your carpet.

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