25 Mar 2020

Enhance the Aesthetics of Real Wood to an Even Silvery-Grey Hue with OrganoWood Natural Treatment

 OrganoWood is the latest name in sustainable wood treatment and protection.

Offering three leading products – OrganoWood 01 Protection, 02 Repellent and 03 Cleaner – OrganoWood has developed a product for all exterior wood requirements.

Requiring little or no maintenance for up to five years, it allows the timber to age gracefully – gradually enhancing the aesthetics to an even silvery-grey hue over time.

Providing a high quality alternative to chemical pressure treatments, OrganoWood is favoured by those who are discouraged by chemicals – such as schools, leisure facilities, agricultural buildings and other similar public spaces.

For stockists and more information, head over to the OrganoWood website.

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